Google Chrome Release: Stable Channel Updated To 38.0.2125.122

Google chrome released the fourth official version of the routine maintenance upgrades, This stable channel has been updated to 38.0.2125.122, It supports operating systems Windows XP,and both windows 7and 8 on (32-bit)(64-bit) processor, Mac OS X, and Linux, By this latest version everyone can find for himself something interesting, For the first time, many people set fire up their computer and also they are happy to stick with the default browser, this latest version release contains of the Adobe Flash Player mainly provides regular updates, as well as some other bug fixes. Such as increasing the number of new applications / extensions API, a new user profile switch interface, guest mode, a lot of core stability and performance improvements.

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Google Chrome’s Features Include

First of all, the latest version of Chrome beta, users can switch profiles directly from the title bar of the window. If you are logged in, you can choose Sign in at this time. If the user has logged in Chrome, so you can view automatically sync tabs, bookmarks, and history, etc. content. Multiple users can add multiple profiles, respectively, in order to save the contents of the desired separated.

When it comes to the configuration file, you have to mention the newly introduced “guest mode”. This feature you can click on “New Profile” -> “Switch User” -> “to visitors browse mode” to achieve. Note that, in this mode, once the tab is closed, it will be erased information browsing computer.

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Chrome no longer be seen as a dazzling young starlet, but more than holds its own against the competition. It loads quickly and is easy to use, quick to perform. You do not have to download it separately and browser synchronization function makes it easy to backup and synchronize your settings on multiple computers, so it’s Flash plug-in bundles.

Chrome for 64-bit can make better use of today’s hardware, and for the speed, security, stability improvements, the main features are as follows:

Speed: 64-bit Chrome version can take advantage of the latest processor and compiler optimization, a more modern set of instructions, faster call protocol, enabling a large speed increase, especially in the graphics and multimedia content, performance improvement of 25%.

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Safety: Chrome OS to take advantage of the latest features, such as Windows High Entropy ASLR 8 and 64 Chrome with security but also to achieve a substantial improvement.

Stability: Google Chrome is also enhanced on the basis of 32-bit and 64-bit Chrome stability, in particular, the renderer significantly reduced the rate of collapse.

Official Downloads

For windows 7, windows vista (32-bit) version

For windows 7, windows vista (64-bit) version

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