Guanashina – Suiting Fit For A King?

A suit tells a lot about a man. From the style of the coat, to the stitching, the shape of the lapels, to the slits, the tiniest of details matter. However, before all this even comes into play, the first thing anyone notices about your suit is the material it’s made from. Over the years, we’ve seen a number of synthetic wools and other materials pop up, even in designer circles, but very few of these even come close to quality of real, natural wool. That is where Dormeuil shines.

The English clothmaker Dormeuil came up with an innovative and distinctly luxurious cloth that is perfect for the finest suits in the world. The Guanashina is a blend of some of the most exotic fibers that are available in nature. It blends Guanaco, Baby Cashmere, Kid Pashmina, and Super 200s quality into an exotic cloth that combines the best qualities of all the fibers. The result is a silky supple cloth that is ideal for suits.

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What makes Guanashina one of the most brilliant luxury cloths available is how soft and smooth it is. The silky fine finish comes at a very steep price point though. A suit with this material can cost up to $250,000 depending on the designer and clothier, but if you’re looking for the finest luxury cloth available, you don’t really look at the price tag.

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On the downside, however, is the fact that the cloth isn’t as durable as super 100s usually are. This doesn’t sound like that big of a deal but it is. This fabric snags more easily and isn’t that easy to fix. It’ll wear out sooner and will be very difficult to dry clean effectively. In other words, if you spill some red wine on your suit, order a replacement suit. It creases easily too.

Another downside is that it’s very warm. You can’t really wear this in warmer climate, and specially not if you tend to get hot easily. The fibers used are naturally warm, and that makes this fabric unsuitable for hotter weather and climates.

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That said, it is one of the lightest and finest suit fabrics available and would definitely make the wearer stand out. There are other fabrics available from Dormeuil, as well as other clothmakers that can compare well to Guanashina though. However, if you’re looking for material for everyday suits, then something in the Super 150s range would be much better.

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