Health Benefits Of Bowling

Bowling has an illustrious sporting history and dates back more than 4,000 years to when it was played in Greece and Rome with wooden bowling balls. These days, bowling is a $4 billion dollar industry, and what many don’t realise is that although this activity is social and plenty of fun, it also offers a number of health benefits.

Tones Muscles and Strengthens

Bowling is an anaerobic exercise, and the weight of the ball adds to the intensity of the effort you put into walking and running. The stretching and flexing that occur when you swing your arm to throw the ball can be equated to weight lifting. If you bowl regularly, you’ll notice your muscles are stronger and your balance has improved. Bowling or simulated bowling actions have been successfully used by senior citizens to build strength and increase fitness levels. The activity is so popular amongst the elderly that in Houston, Texas, a world record was recently set using a Wii to mimic the bowling action.

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Relieves Stress

Any type of exercise can be a huge stress-reliever, and bowling offers several benefits in this regard. It’s a fun yet competitive game, and players are able to enjoy a workout combined with social interaction that reduces mental stress. In Bristol, England, a local school has embraced the de-stressing benefits of bowling and introduced the sport in an effort to reduce exam angst.

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Aids Weight Loss

Bowling can aid in weight loss and speed up your metabolism if played on a regular basis. As players are in a constant state of movement, they burn fat, and the heavier the ball, the better the benefits. Varying types of bowling balls from Petesproshop and other retailers will weigh different amounts, and players can choose the option that best suits their needs.

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Reduce Risk of Disease

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to obesity or put you at risk of a number of different diseases. Heart disease, strokes and diabetes can all be caused to some degree by a lack of exercise, and bowling can be used to combat this. Exercise will improve your bone density and circulation as well as lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

No matter what your age, bowling offers a number of health benefits, and as an added bonus, it’s lots of fun too.

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