Increase In Number Of Pampered Pets

More and more of us are splashing out to pamper our pets. Owners are buying gourmet food brands and spending money on dog grooming in Cheltenham, pampering, treats and even fashion.

Daycare centres, dog grooming parlours and pet-friendly hotels are springing up all over the country as people look to spend money on their spoilt pets.

Britain’s first luxury hotel for dogs recently opened.

Cat Cafe

When London’s first ever cat cafe opened, there was such huge demand it was fully booked for its first two months.

Cat cafes enable customers to stroke and play with resident moggies whilst enjoying tea and cakes. This year, the aptly named ‘Mog on the Tyne’ cat cafe opened in Newcastle. This was followed by the ‘Cat’s Whiskers’ in Edinburgh.

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Dog grooming is also on the rise. People don’t want cat or dog hairs everywhere, and grooming animals is a time-consuming chore. It’s much easier to take pets to the local grooming parlour, where you know the job will get done properly.

In addition, cat owners are also looking to get their pets groomed too, as more of us opt for long-haired and pedigree breeds. For a comprehensive range of pet care options, check out dog grooming Cheltenham by Blossoms Pet Care.

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Dog Walking

Dog walking is another time-consuming chore that we are happy to outsource. Business is booming for pet-walking services. After a long day at work, most of us are are too tired to take the dog for a walk and are only too happy to pay for someone else to do it.

Pet-sitting services and animal boarding are also on the increase. Whereas in the old days a neighbour or friend would have popped in to feed the cats, now people lead busy lives and are not always available. Often it is easier to employ professional animal sitters with the right experience, particularly for exotic species such as lizards or snakes.

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Whether it’s grooming, pampering, special treats or gourmet food, increasing numbers of us are treating our pets as members of the family and want to give them the best. Single people and those without children see pets as child substitutes, splashing out hundreds of pounds to keep their pets well fed, happy and in tip-top condition.

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