3 Unique Suggestions For Your Wedding Reception

Many people are more than happy with a classic wedding reception: a dinner, some dodgy dancing by extended family members and a little too much to drink all around, until their aged Great Auntie Norma starts flirting with the DJ and passes out in the flower bed. However, some people like to try to add a little extra fun, excitement and uniqueness to their after-ceremony celebrations. From simple yet fun photo booths to the exciting challenge of rodeo bulls, there are a few things you might want to try to make your reception stand out from the crowd.

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Photo Booths

Your wedding will almost certainly have a professional photographer, but it can be a good idea to add even more pictures by hiring a photo booth. It gives your guests a chance to be silly and to create some photos that will capture the fun of the event and the unique character of everyone involved alongside the polished professional shots.

To give your guests maximum opportunity to get creative, try hiring a photo booth with a prop box. For even more flexibility, add greenscreen capability for a choice of backgrounds.

Rodeo Bulls

A rodeo bull will really make your wedding reception one to remember. No doubt lots of your guests, young and old, will be keen to pit their mettle against the bucking of this simulated bull. It will be fun, challenging and certainly different.

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The chances are most of your guests will rarely have seen a rodeo bull in the “flesh” before, and will rarely do so again, which makes your reception all the more memorable. Though this may make them seem rare, they are readily available from www.gsrodeobulls.com and similar companies.

Lawn Games

This option is simpler and cheaper than the others, but it captures a similar spirit of fun and silliness. There are plenty of lawn games available, such as giant jenga or lawn chess, and they will help people to have fun and mess around over the course of your reception.

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This will help break up the formal stuffiness that receptions can suffer from (at least until the tipsy dancing starts), and help make your reception that bit more interesting than the average. Lawn games are one of the simplest and easiest ways to achieve this, but they are still very effective.

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