Is SAT Tutoring Worth The Cost?

If you are already overwhelmed with the costs of raising kids, putting food on the table, saving up for college funds, visiting colleges, and paying for college applications, you may be wondering if SAT tutoring is really worth the cost. The truth of the matter is that your child’s SAT score will really be a major factor in determining which schools he or she will be accepted to. Of course, an impressive GPA is also a major factor, but a lot of kids can earn good grades without really mastering the curriculum. That’s why schools want to get a good idea of how well your child performs in nationwide standardized testing. As many people know, performing well on the SAT is not just about being great at reading, writing and mathematics, it is also about being a good test taker. If you’re debating about finding your child an SAT tutor, here are some things to consider.

  1. If your child doesn’t perform well on the SAT, you will have to pay for them to retake it. Not only will it be devastating to your child to see that they didn’t score very well on the test, but they will have to go through all of the frustration and anxiety of taking it again, and you will have to pay for it again. If you or your child decide not to retake the test, your child may not only miss out on opportunities to study at more competitive colleges, but it’s very likely that they won’t qualify for those coveted grants and scholarships. In the end, that could be a lot of savings that will be missed out on.
  2. Without a tutor, your child won’t have any clue how they will score. When you have an SAT tutor, whether it be through an SAT tutoring agency or an online tutor, your child will be taking practice tests. Not only will this tutor prepare them for the material they should expect to see on the test, but they will be giving them practice tests to determine approximately how well they will do on the actual test. If you start the tutoring earlier in the year, you can ensure that your child has enough time to get that score up as high as possible before it’s time to take the real test.
  3. Your child will learn all the little SAT test taking skills that are necessary for success. When it comes down to it, there are test taking skills, and there are SAT test taking skills. An experienced SAT tutor will teach your child all the little tricks for understanding exactly what the questions are looking for so that they can get through the multiple choice portions more quickly and have more time to focus on the writing. It may seem unfair that you need to pay for your child to learn skills that only pertain to one particular test so that they have a higher chance at succeeding in life, but unfortunately, there’s really no getting around it.
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