Pearls Are Here To Stay

Although some consider them date, pearls actually never went out of style. You only have to turn on your TV, flip through the pages of a magazine or Google some recent celebrity photos from a movie premiere and you’ll see they’re still going strong. Lady Di used them as statement pieces and always incorporate bib pearl necklaces or pearl drop earrings in her outfits. She looked stunning with the simple, yet elegant pearls wrapped around her neckline. Nowadays, we can spot the same fashion tendencies in our contemporary glamorous icons: Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton are some of the strongest and well known women on the planet. The two always seem to choose pearls whenever they come out in public or attend a big event.

Contemporary Celebrities Love Them

It’s no secret we get inspired by famous people. Whether we try out their diets or read a book they recommended, we like to get small snippets into their lives. Maybe we should get inspired by their jewelry choices as well. With Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson sporting modern looks with the help of pearls, I’m taking notes and drawing up wish lists. A plethora of brands out there are reinventing pearl jewelry pieces, so it’s safe to say there’s something for everybody out there.

Not Only for Mature Women

If you think about an elderly woman wearing a long strand of dull white pearls every time you pass by a jewelry store selling pearls, think again! Pearls haven’t been standing still, but they’ve been developing at the same speed as us. You can find all sizes, colors and shapes of pearls to suit you for any occasion. Choose simple pearl studs for daytime elegance and add layers of pearl necklaces in the evening for standing out at a party.

Acquire Now, Wear Forever

Pearls are not only versatile to wear and always ready to complement any outfit. They are also a great investment. The natural gemstones are reaching record prices nowadays. So if you’ve been toying with the idea of acquiring a pearl bracelet, you might as well see it as an investing move. If you’re lucky enough to have your grandmother or an aunt pass you down a set of pearl drop earrings or a delicate pearl ring, make sure to hold on to it. Vintage pearl jewelry is rare and precious, but can easily be worn with modern outfits.

A Bit of History

In antiquity, pearls symbolized purity and power. Roman women didn’t take their pearl jewelry off when they went to bed, but indulged in a luxurious slumber that was meant to increase their beauty. Later on, Coco Chanel made pearls her signature jewelry, alternating between multiple strands of shiny pearls, chokers and stud earrings. Audrey Hepburn wore them every other day, while Grace Kelly seldom appeared without a pearl choker that accentuated her neckline and made her look irresistible. 

What Makes them so Special?

We’ve seen that everyone likes them and nobody shies away from displaying their boldest statement pieces. But what makes pearls stand out of the crowd? They are sophisticated because they are organic and don’t need any cutting or polishing. No matter what your skin tone is, pearls will suit you like a glove and make you look more radiant without even trying.

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