Here is What You Should Do to Fix Roku Error Code 011

Roku Error Code 011

During the initial setup or Roku 3 micro SD install process, the Roku player automatically installs and downloads the latest software. While the process is going on, you may come across an error message saying ‘cannot connect to Roku’ along with the error code 011. It indicates the failure of software update process as your streaming player is unable to connect to the software update server.

You should keep checking the software updates through web address on a regular basis. Updating the software version whenever possible will facilitate you to utilize the newly added functions and experience the changes applied to the existing features.

Chances are you may get an error during the software update process i.e. Roku error code 011. Despite the fact that there are various factors leading to this error, there are some easy ways to resolve it as well. Here’s how to troubleshoot cannot connect to Roku error.

Initial Checks

Roku is a streaming device, with which you can do dozens of things like watching online movies, news, listening to songs and access multiple channels. What’s more, it is a wireless connection device so all you have to do is simply connect to your home wireless network and enjoy.

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Let’s have a look at some basic troubleshooting tips to fix Roku error code 011:

  • The possibilities of experiencing the error code 011 are usually during the initial Roku setup and Roku 3 micro SD install process. In order to resolve this error, just click on try again option.
  • Power cycle your Roku streaming player. Power cycling includes plugging off the device from the wall socket and plugging it back in but after a time gap of 2-3 minutes.
  • Navigate to web address and check for any warning, notice or announcements signifying service interruption and problems in the server.
  • At times, you may not be able to connect to the internet even though your Roku device may be detected. In this case, you would get ‘not connected’ error message. Simply look for the on-screen steps to connect back to the network.
  • Try reconnecting your device to the internet. Maybe it is connected to the network for a long time.

Resetting the Streaming Device

Another step to troubleshoot the 011 error is to reset your Roku device through the settings. Walk through the instructions below to reset your streaming player:

  • First and foremost, check the Roku remote.
  • Press the button given on remote.
  • Head over to settings of your device.
  • Factory reset the Roku streaming player.
  • Now, follow the commands given on the display screen.
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These steps may also work in the case of purple screen Roku error. If you want any kind of technical help, you can directly approach our experts by dialing our toll-free number and get feasible solutions without wasting even a second of your time.

Port Resetting

Once you completely reset your Roku streaming player, you will see the home page. Navigate to settings and look for the guided setup.

A series of steps will display on your device screen. Choose the network name and type the password to connect to the internet. Now, follow the on-screen steps to complete port resetting.

Improve Wireless Connection

There are a number of ways to perk up your wireless connection and get all the entertainment as per your choice once you activate the Roku device either using Roku no CC link or by adding a regular payment method. Given that you can enjoy streaming on your Roku with the signal and wireless router, it is best to contact your Internet Service Provider or ISP for an on-the-spot solution.

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However, you can also perform the below-mentioned steps to troubleshoot the Roku error code 011:

  1. The first step is to check the strength of your signal. Slow loading of the screens and buffering videos specify that the signal is weak.
  2. Make sure the router is positioned to a neat and clean place. Any blockage in the path of router signals can lead to weakened signals.
  3. Also, do not place the router in corners, nearby walls and floors.
  4. Keep other metal objects, reflexive surfaces and electronic appliances such as cordless phones, microwaves, baby monitors, mirrors, glasses, and then some away from the router.

In this way, you can easily resolve the Roku error code 011 along with an error message that reads ‘cannot connect to Roku’. For any queries, feel free to reach out to us through a phone call, email or online chat.



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