Home Improvement Projects Potential Buyers Will Love

When facing the process of putting a home on the market, many homeowners will invariably take some measures to put their house’s best face forward. Aside from a fresh coat of paint, inside and out, there are some home improvement projects that tend to be greatly attractive to buyers, and they may not set you back substantially in the finance department. By spending your home improvement dollars wisely, you can invest in the sale of your home with the following tips.

Solar-Powered Attic Fan

A solar-powered attic fan is a great home feature to market. These fans require no energy outside of what they get from the sun to draw heat from the home. During the hot season, they draw heat up and out of the home, reducing the need to run the air conditioning unit and pay those skyrocketing electric bills.

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Extra Bathroom

Adding an extra bathroom in the basement, for example, is a simple way to add value to the home. While initially this project may seem costly, you can recoup much of the expense when you list and sell your home. If you have space near your laundry room, for instance, you might be able to squeeze in a small powder room. Many families might be delighted with an extra, purely functional bathroom (nothing fancy) where they can send the kids. According to HGTV, “bathroom additions return the most,” so you can usually bank on their investment.

New Exterior Features

If you’re hoping to make a quick sale on your home, don’t neglect its curb appeal. A new, attractive, and security-friendly front door along with new shutters can make a big difference in the appearance of your home. While you’re at it, you might even update the fixtures on your porch by investing in a brand new mailbox and porch light.

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New Countertops

Granite countertops continue to be particularly attractive to homebuyers. Opt for a neutral shade that complements your kitchen. If you aren’t willing to invest in an updated kitchen (another great way to add value to your home), you might still sway a buyer that’s on the fence with a few kitchen updates like those great counters or a new lighting fixture.

Remove Dated Flooring

Dated flooring can definitely turn off potential homebuyers. There are many economical floor coverings that will dramatically improve the appearance of your interior. Fresh tile or linoleum will go a long way to updating those decades-old floors.

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Add a Patio or Deck

In most cases, sellers can recoup 90% of the cost to build a deck when they sell their home. Consider adding a functional patio space or deck to your backyard if you don’t have one. Many people enjoy grilling their food and entertaining company outdoors, so this improvement is likely to resonate with lots of buyers.

Keep these ideas in mind when contemplating home improvements before placing your home on the market. You can increase the likelihood of selling your house fast when you make changes that buyers are sure to love.

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