HONDA CITY has gained a lot of reputation in the Indian market. It has a sporty look and buyers can choose between automatic or manual petrol engine Honda motor. According to motor company the Honda motor petrol, fuel economy is better than that of the Honda petrol manual. This article will talk and show the comparison that is there between the petrol manual and automatic engines of the Hyundai city. First, what is the difference between manual and automatic transmission? Manual transmission allows the driver of the car to change gears according to his will and the driving requirement. A clutch pedal is available in manual to aid in shifting the gears. The automatic transmission on the other hand changes gears automatically depending on speed. There is no clutch pedal in automatic cars. The factors to consider when choosing Honda petrol manual or automatic transmission include. Cost and fuel efficiency

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The fuel efficiency of the manual petrol engine is quite high compared to the automatic petrol Honda car. When tested in both the highway and the city the manual petrol engine returned 19.21kmpl and 13.86kmpl respectively. The automatic petrol engine on the other hand when tested returned 11.22kmpl and 16.55kmpl in city test and highway test respectively. From the comparison, it is quite evident that there is a 2.6kmpl difference between the manual and the automatic Honda motor. It comes with a 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine. The engine has a maximum power output of 117bhp at 6600 rpm and a maximum torque 145Nm at 4,600 rpm. The number of gears in manual Honda car is five. 

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The verdict here is that the Honda car with automatic transmission is more fuel efficient and very easy to handle as compared to the manual transmission.


There are several Honda petrol variants in the Indian market. There are petrol variants that use the manual transmission, and there are those that use an automatic transmission. Additionally, there are petrol variants that can use both manual and automatic transmission. Below is a list of the different petrol variants, transmission, and their prices in that order.

  • S- manual- Rs 8.72 lakh
  • SV- manual- Rs 9.75 lakh
  • V – manual- Rs 10.00 lakh
  • V – automatic- Rs 11.73 lakh
  • VX – manual – Rs 11.84 lakh
  • VX- automatic- Rs 13.03 lakh
  • ZX- automatic- Rs 13.70 lakh
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It is quite evident the automatic transmission is expensive and costly compared to the manual transmission. 

Despite the difference in Honda petrol and diesel transmission, there are certain specifications and features that the two share. First is the dimension. Both, the automatic and manual petrol Honda motor has the same dimension of 4440mm by 1695mm by 1495mm. They both have a wheelbase of 2600mm and a ground clearance of 165mm. The gross weight of the Honda city stands at 1455kg. It is also quite evident that both have a total of five doors and a seating capacity of five occupants. One can also drive an automatic Honda car but in manual mode.

Therefore, choosing between the manual and automatic petrol variants will mostly depend on buyer preference.

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