Stay Away from These Mistakes – Windshield Repair

Stay Away from These Mistakes - Windshield Repair

Maintenance and undertaking timely repairs goes a long way in keeping your car in perfect condition. A vehicle that is a pride to its owners and offers security to its occupants is always one that is kept in great shape. Windshield repairs and replacement can be tricky, though. Here are some common mistakes that you must avoid when undertaking car glass repairs or replacement-

Ignoring a crack or a chip

One of the most common mistakes made by car owners is ignoring any damage on the windshield. The chip or crack may be a small one but windshield damage is always progressive and it is not long before the structural integrity of the vehicle is compromised. Scoring a crack is one of the common techniques used to contain damage but this ultimately does more harm to the windshield. The best way to deal with any sort of windshield damage is to approach professionals for repair or replacement.

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Using nail paint to contain the damage

There are numerous tutorials and DIY blogs online that recommend repairing damage with the help of nail paint and inexpensive DIY kits for windshield crack repair. The problem with using these is that the glue and nail paint used are not of the same consistency as the glass. The air bubbles and dust in the damage site are not removed by these kits and this does not fix the windshield.

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Trying to replace the windshield without professional help

If you are a very passionate car owner it is but obvious that you will want to learn all about vehicle maintenance. You may also want to try to fix some minor damages and clean your car without professional help. This is quite understandable. Trying to repair or replace your windshield without professional help is, however, a huge mistake. Not only do you run the risk of an incorrect installation but also run the risk of putting your vehicle and its occupants in jeopardy.

Using non-OEM parts

Every city has a large number of auto repair shops. Many of them attempt to attract customers by lowering repair costs. The one thing that you must insist on, however, is that your windshield glass repair professional must use only OEM parts. An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part is designed to suit the specific make and model of your car. Non-OEM parts may be cheaper but the risk of repeated damage does not make them worth the saving.

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Not giving the windshield enough time to cure

We understand the need to get back behind the wheel but some car repairs take time. A windshield replacement may, however, take some time. It takes about an hour or so for a professional to replace a car windshield. It takes a further 3- 4 hours for the urethane and other chemicals to cure.

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