Mask Of Gelatin And Activated Charcoal: Features

If you want your skin to always look clean and smooth, and black dots and pimples stop bothering, then a mask of gelatin and coal can be an excellent way to solve problems. Prepare it under the power of each hostess in your own kitchen. Use the same home remedy is also simple. In this article, you will find an exact mask recipe and detailed instructions for its use. Compliance with all the rules will achieve excellent results in the shortest possible time.

Mask Advantages and Precautions

Beneficial features

Gelatin mask with activated charcoal is good because it includes natural products useful for the skin. They help to improve its status at once on several parameters.

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Coal in the composition of the product is primarily responsible for the purity of the skin. He perfectly copes with the problem of black spots and has an antibacterial effect. Its use is recommended for all who are often concerned about acne. Also activated charcoal is well suited for the care of oily skin. It makes it more velvety and matte, normalizes the fat balance.

Gelatin is a substance of natural origin. It is made from cartilaginous tissues of animals and contains micronutrients useful for the skin, as well as collagen, which is so important for prolonging youth. All gelatinous masks are distinguished by the fact that during drying they form a film that promotes the best penetration of active elements into the pores. In this case, it also helps to cleanse the skin more qualitatively. Carefully removing the film, you, along with it, remove and contamination.

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In the end, we can say that the mask of gelatin and activated charcoal is an excellent home remedy that can cleanse the skin thoroughly, remove black spots and acne, and smooth out fine wrinkles and smooth out the tone. You can find more details while you reading face mask reviews


Contraindications to gelatin mask with activated charcoal are not so much, but they are and they must be taken into account. First of all it is necessary to say about individual intolerance and allergies, from which no one is insured. Therefore, before the first application, a standard test should be carried out, applying the composition to the elbow bend or wrist.

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Do not apply the mask to the skin, if it is affected by any fungal infections, it has wounds or sores. In addition, you should be careful when you have acne. Namely, you cannot squeeze them out before using the mask.

Consider all contraindications so as not to cause harm to your skin. Remember that careless handling of any cosmetics can have serious consequences.

Mask of gelatin and activated charcoal: Smoothers and cleanses the skin of the face.

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