Purifying facial masks for blackheads

facial masks for blackheads

Natural cleansing facial masks from blackheads are easy to prepare at home. Regular care is sure to give positive results in the form of a young, taut, fresh and incredibly clean skin. It is important not to miss the opportunity to make the problem skin beautiful, applying masks immediately after steam baths or a warm compress, standing on their face for 20 minutes and arranging only 2 cleaning sessions per week.

Gelatin, egg and activated charcoal against blackheads


  • Food gelatin;
  • Natural milk;
  • Kefir – 1 spoon;
  • 2 tablets of activated charcoal
  • Wheat flour – 1 spoon.

Available to all gelatin is good in that it includes natural collagen, acting as a tightening and rejuvenating agent. This product is uniquely suited for a powerful attack on black spots that clog the skin. To prepare a mask from blackheads, it is necessary to combine in equal volumes milk with a powder of gelatin and to leave before swelling of granules. To completely dissolve the gelatin, it will be necessary to lightly heat the mixture. Having received a homogeneous liquid mass, cool it. Add flour, yogurt and activated charcoal powder to the mixture, mix well. This mass should be spread by brush on the face skin and if necks are required. After detecting the complete drying of this layer and the formation of a film, remove the mask. This technique has undeniable advantages, it is a quick effect and the ability to apply at any age and for all skin types. You can find more activated charcoal recipe at http://heavenbeautycalamvale.com

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Useful protein mask


  • Raw egg white;
  • Sugar-1 spoon.
  • 2 tablets of activated charcoal

Traditional medicine positions the protein mask as a strong cleansing and absolutely harmless facial. The recipe is extremely simple, its realization consists in mixing the protein, sugar with activated charcoal. It is necessary to stir the substance intensively until the sugar dissolves completely. Half of the protein mass is applied to the skin with a moderate layer and left to solidify. To achieve the desired extraneous effect, add a dried mask with another layer of the remaining part of the sweet egg mixture. At the time of application, it is important to perform uncomplicated manipulation, namely vigorous patting your fingers across the entire skin area of the face. The task of such a massage is the formation of an adhesive mass, perfectly stretching the contaminants from the pores. This effect continues until the fingers stop sticking to the mask. In the end, wash off the mask using cool water, then use a cream with the effect of moisturizing. Owners of dry skin are better able to handle only problem areas. At high-fat content shows the application of protein on the whole face.

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Cleansing face masks: you can get rid of black spots by regularly applying gelatin, protein, lemon, aloe, honey, soda and charcoal.

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