Hot Tubs; A Boost For Anyone With Cancer

Cancer just has to be the disease that most people fear the most. On hearing that dreadful word, it may seem as though the bottom has dropped out of your world and all you want to do is curl up in a corner. It does take some getting used to, but once a couple of weeks have gone by you may start to think that you don’t want to leave everything to your doctors and the NHS but want to be involved in the decision making for your treatment.

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The place to start is the internet. Online you will find any number of alternative ways of treating it from herbal supplements such as turmeric and boswellia which can target any tumours, to vitamin D3 which many cancer sufferers are short of. You’ll find numerous references to the Bugwig diet or protocol which uses flax seed oil and cottage cheese to transport oxygen into the cells making it a hostile environment for the cancer cells.

Antioxidants, which can prevent any free radicals from doing damage to the body play a big part in alternative treatments so make sure you drink plenty of green tea, chamomile tea (organic if possible) and eat a few brazil nuts each day to provide enough selenium; a powerful cancer fighting substance that the body needs.

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When having any form of treatment whether it’s natural or chemotherapy, it’s important to remove any toxins from the body as quickly as possible. Taking a daily walk is helpful but it’s been discovered that using a hot tub regularly can really speed up the elimination of these toxins, as outlined to us by the industry experts at Aqua Warehouse. The warm water in a hot tub can help reduce any nerve ending pain associated with cancerous tumours and can help to speed up the production of white blood cells which fight infection in the body. So, armed with all this knowledge, it can make things seem more positive, which as anyone knows is particularly important when fighting cancer.

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