How 3d Printing Will Affect Our Future Life?

How 3d Printing Will Affect Our Future Life?

In recent years, 3D printing technology industry has become a force which is very important. Perhaps you will feel 3D printing away your life is still very far away, but it is a real change in technology will be our future lives. 3D printing is rapidly developing, and many technical distance popularity in the mainstream market, which is still 5-10 years. 3D printing is a technology will truly change our future life will flourish in the coming years.

Ecosystem Growth

Emerged in open source hardware, DIY club, hackers, and global cities to help Makerspaces and Maker Faires under, every day more and more people access to 3D printing technology. Wevolver London and Amsterdam, Fab Labs and recent 3D Hubs international networks are good examples.

Including 123D Design, including many top 3D modeling and design software provides a way to easily access, it also allows a lot of people in their own communities which began to make 3D printing.

3D printing will be booming in the next few years, many companies began building around more 3D printing market and service center. Many large companies have begun to focus on the popularity of the top 3D printing, such as Amazon’s recently launched 3D print shop, or the United States UPS Store.

Better Material

Today, sales of ordinary commercial 3D printer manufacturers there are about 40, while the world is developing and marketing consumer-grade 3D ​​printers more than 200 start-up companies, their products for as little as a few hundred dollars.

3D printing materials that can be used also increased – from different types of wax or plastic, ceramic, steel, brass, bronze, silver, gold, platinum and other metals.

Some Interesting Field of 3d Printing


French sculptor Gael Langevin in January 2012 to produce a life-size robot through 3D printing. This robot can be used in any area of the home with 12x12x12 cm 3D printer produced and is considered to be universities, laboratories.

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Earlier this year, Intel released the Jimmy, they are designed for consumers walking robot. Intel is a research robot called Jimmy, but they will launch a consumer-oriented model is not so fine later this year, priced at $ 1,600.

Jimmy is needed by way of 3D printing to produce. Intel will provide free 3D printing drawings, but you also need to buy a kit, which will include those that cannot be printed out of components, including motors and Edison Intel processors. Intel hopes Jimmy price may fall below $ 1,000.


Earlier this year, China’s surplus decorative design using 3D printing technology in one day’s time, the construction of 10 single housing. Contrast more traditional construction methods, 3D printing is a cheaper, faster and more secure alternative.

These houses are in Shanghai by four giant 3D printers built, the length and width of each building are 10×6.6 m, house walls is made ​​by mixing cement and construction waste from the construction material layer by layer. The new 3D printing mechanism not only environmentally friendly, cost is low.

Finally, Emerging Objects realized using 3D printing should not be confined to the production of building external support. In fact, the company has decided to focus on the development and design of building interiors on. Are renewable and innovative materials they use, the polymer and salt polymers such as cement.


Amsterdam Eric Klarenbeek 3D Studio is exploring print living organisms, such as mycelium fungi linear network, and a combination of local material, such as to produce a negative carbon footprint mycelium chair.

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Many fashion designers are currently in the experiment by 3D printing to produce a variety of clothes and accessories, such as hats, skirts, shoes and jewelry. Iris van Herpen will show some interesting design. Last year, Bradley Rothenberg for Victoria’s Secret fashion show produced a number of 3D print dress.


3D printing in the latest 007 movie “Atrium crisis” which has begun to show the use of this technology can be applied to them in the car entertainment.

Today’s major automobile manufacturers on the concept of 3D printing applications in automotive research and experimentation. BMW designer Erik Melldahl and co-produce a 3D printed car Maasaica; London designer Nir Siegel Audi is to propose a more avant-garde concept: in front of the self-assembly of buyers 3D printed car.

BMW German factory workers are already using 3D printers “super thumb” can be used to reduce their auto parts in the assembly of the joints are subjected to pressure.


Earlier this year, Marvel Studios on the San Diego Comic Con joint 3DplusMe demonstrated a unique printer. It can scan your facial features, then you according to your choice will be printed as a Marvel superhero.


We can already see a lot of people to 3D printing breathtaking works of art and sculpture in the network. This article will focus on the Van Gogh Museum and Fuji cooperation projects in Belgium.

Cooperation projects between the two sides called Relievo, content is a three-dimensional copy of Van Gogh’s masterpiece. These reproductions maintain the original size, color, brightness and texture, to achieve the ultimate art reproduction.

For example, “Sunflowers,” a replica of Van Gogh Bifeng to capture the direction and intensity, as well as among the 32 different yellows. Van Gogh Museum, $ 34,000 to the price of these copies were sold.

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3D printing in the medical field among one of the most obvious use is made ​​of bone, cartilage substitutes, as well as a medical device. Applications in this area have made great progress, many hospitals are now using them in their daily work to this technology.

Earlier this year, Utrecht University Medical Center neurosurgeon successfully implanted in patients with skull 3D printing.

Associate professor of biomedical engineering and physician Lawrence Bonassar cooperation Weill Cornell Medical College has developed a 3D printing and injection mold made ​​by the artificial ear. Princeton University scientists also use ready-print tools to produce a workable “bionic” ear can hear beyond human hearing range of radio frequencies.

Organovo claimed that they will at some point in the year through 3D printing to produce liver. Researchers have to print out dozens of different biological cells, and print mode once the network of blood vessels within these organs can be improved, innovation in this area will show explosive growth. The pattern of the medical field in this 10 year-end will be completely changed.

“Business and medical field for 3D printing technology adoption rate will be faster because there are more urgent application direction in which these two fields.

At the same time, we will see more quality and different materials appear, 3D printer speed and consumption will also be raised. Because of the ease of making goods, 3D printer will appear more and more in the classroom. In the consumer market, are ready to take off, we may also see Apple, Amazon or Google to launch its own 3D printer”.

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