How to care for cats after neutering

The optimal age for neutering kittens is generally at 4-6 months. When your kitten is ready for it, don’t delay because female cats can become pregnant at 4 months. So take your kitten to the vet. However, if you took your pet from the cat adoption center at not an early age, you can have your cat neutered at any age.

After neutering cats need particular care. A vet will prescribe some pills to be given to your pet. The cat may lick at his wound. Therefore you should buy a cone-shaped buster collar to prevent him from licking. If your cat has some problems with his wound take him to see the vet.

If your cat is wearing e-collar it makes him feel uncomfortable while eating. You should help your pet. Change a big dish for a smaller one and raise it at the height suitable for your cat to eat from it.

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Most cats get adjusted to the cone-shaped buster collar for a few days and have no problems with eating and drinking.

Follow all advices given you by a vet when you take the cat from the vet clinics. That evening you can give him light meal.

Watch your cat’s wound and consult your vet a week later. You should keep your pet indoors until he recovers. Cats always run around, play actively and eat. They are so energetic that they can hurt themselves by chance. Pay attention to every movement of your pet.

When the vet feels that your cat is all right and is satisfied with his health condition, you can continue looking after your cat as you did it before neutering. You may let him go outside. Metabolism of neutered cats is a bit slower. So you should give your cat only the recommended doze of food to avoid obesity. Wet food is preferable than dry food.

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Neutering a cat requires a general anaesthetic and of course carries some risk. But it is minimal because it is a very insignificant routine procedure.

Neutering affects the appearance of male cats in a way. However, cats develop healthily and normally. Male cats neutered as kittens will look younger and less heavy-set as adults.

To keep your pet healthy follow your vet’s instructions on post-operative care. Sometimes neutered cats need pain medication. If there are any complications don’t delay the visit to the vet. The earlier you take your cat to the vet, the better. Follow carefully your vet’s detailed recommendations. Neutering your cat is not only a conscious step to prevent cat population pressure, however, there are also a great deal of behavioral and health benefits.

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As any surgery neutering brings about a lot of stress. The cat needs some time to recover completely. At this time, the cat’s immune system is weak. Prevent your cat from catching different respiratory infections and other diseases. He may lose appetite, refuse to drink.

Keep apart from the cat other pets if you have them, if not you can adopt dog and they will become good friends.

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