How To Find The Best Wedding Dress and Wedding Shoes

You have pinned like crazy hundreds of pictures on Pinterest, and now you are ready to for the hunt. You know how your dress should look and what will definitely match with your style. You also know that the shoes are just as important as the dress. They need to look elegant but in the same way comfortable so you can dance all night long. We’ve seen a lot of bridesmaids that at the middle of the night ate taking their heels off and stay in bare feet. We find that not so ladylike so it’s better to opt for cozy heels from the beginning.

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How To Find The Best Wedding Dress and Wedding Shoes

1. Location

If you know the location where will you get married it will be more easy to choose your dress. The style of the location need to match the dress. If you have a beach wedding than of course your dress will be simple and relaxed, if you have the event in a ballroom the dress should be elegant and fancy.

2. Open-Minded

Being engaged is an magnificent time, you feel butterflies and feel happiness in all your body. Buy glossy magazines, look online at bridal blogs and attend events for future bridesmaids. It will be fun and you will see a lot of wedding dresses, different style, materials and colors.

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How To Find The Best Wedding Dress and Wedding Shoes

3. Alone Time

For your first fitting is better to not bring friends and family. You need to have your own view when your are trying a wedding dress. In this way you will listen to your instincts and you will not be affected by various options. You need to listen to yourself first.

4. Variety

Try as many wedding dresses as possible. Be very open for your first appointment. There is no point to rush and make a quick decision. Once you find the perfect dress you will feel it immediately.

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5. Comfortable but Fancy Shoes

Happy feet, happy bride. Make sure you are getting the right size for the wedding shoes and that they will match the style of your wedding dress. The shoes you pick have to be fabulous because this is the most important event in your life. The shoes you choose should reflect your personal style, decor and coordinate good with the wedding colors.

Your are having now the best time of your life! We congratulate you and wish you a happy marriage!

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