How To Gain Weight and Build Muscle With Healthy Diet and Exercise?

How To Gain Weight and Build Muscle With Healthy Diet and Exercise

Gaining in double digits in just one month may be a lofty goal, but it is an achievable goal. Many of us want to gain more mass without gaining fat, and that is quite a difficult thing to do, considering our lifestyle and eating habits. Being underweight or overweight is a lifestyle problem for many of us. Either we do not eat enough, or we eat too much junk food. In both the cases, we stray further away from our target body and target weight.

Get to know your Nutrient

When you want to gain weight, you need to focus on eating more calories. Make sure you do not get 90% of the calories from junk food. Include much high-calorie food in your diet including milk, rice, nuts, peanut butter, salmon and other oily fish, whole fruit smoothies with dried fruits and red meats.

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Include Carbs

Carbs are killers when you want to burn fat. If you wish to bulk up, you will need to work out. That will require a considerable amount of energy. “Low carb” diets are not going to work if you are thinking of gaining weight. Try including oatmeal, potatoes, pasta and brown rice in your regular meals.

Mass Gainers

Protein shakes and smoothies always help to gain mass. Sometimes, your body testosterone levels are not enough to help you gain and retain muscle mass. Even after all the healthy food, you need help from the best legal steroids to bulk up. These supplements can contain up to 500 calories in one serving. It will provide you with the energy for regular working out as well as give your body enough natural testosterone to build lean muscle.

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Become Friends with Fat

If you have been trying to gain muscle mass on a “no fat” diet, you have been wasting your time. You need specific saturated fatty acids like Omega 3 to keep your metabolisms in place. It helps burn the unhealthy fat. Healthy fats will also help you reach your calorie count for the day much faster, with the lesser bulk of the food.

Add Intensity to your Workouts

Just working out is not enough. You need to add variety and intensity to your training. Weight training is a huge part of gaining muscle mass. Do not engage in circuit training and cardio only if you want to bulk up fast. Both these kinds of workouts help to burn fat, but they also do not facilitate muscle building. Increase your intensity of exercise, try heavier weights, more reps each day and ultimately, the results will show.

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Gaining weight is not as easy as many people think. Our body’s tendency is to curate fat before muscle mass. Therefore, once you begin to eat more carbs without working out the right amount, you may end up looking more like Peter Griffin rather than Peter Molnar.

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