Risky Bodybuilding Habits That You Must Avoid

Risky Bodybuilding Habits That You Must Avoid

Often bodybuilders get used to certain training habits that they think would be enhancing their performance and bring in positive or better results. Unfortunately, some of these bodybuilding habits could really be detrimental to their health and could be fatal at times. It is high time you are aware of these unhealthy habits and make sure that you steer clear of them.

Lifting Disproportionate Weight

Many overzealous bodybuilders would be constantly increasing the weight they are lifting. It is necessary to increase the weight you are lifting, periodically, but you should not go to extremes or overdo it. This could prove to be counterproductive. You would not be able to achieve the optimal results if you do not stick around with a particular weight for some time and then consider increasing your weight. Moreover, lifting excessively heavy weights could lead to joint pain and inflammation, tendon, ligament, and muscle tear and such other health hazards.

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You must have complete control of the weight throughout the weightlifting session. Make sure that you are using the right weight and that you do not require swinging it for completing the movement. If you are not capable of controlling the actual descent of your weight and if you are just moving the weight from simply start to finish while you are just not able to maintain proper form, it is necessary for you to realize that you are using far heavier weight and need to reduce the weight that you are currently using.

You Are Indulging in Overtraining

Many dedicated bodybuilders and professional athletes become so overzealous that they are training all the time and not taking the mandatory rest days or resting periods between workouts. This could be culminating in irritability, general exhaustion, anxiety, depression, weight loss, decreased appetite, upset stomach, and even nausea. Besides these symptoms, you may suffer from persistent joint and muscle pain, slow reaction time, increased risks of injury, decreased workout performance, growing susceptibility to infectious diseases, impaired coordination and more.

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You must consider listening to your body. You need to reevaluate and reschedule your workout regimen if you are constantly feeling sore and exhausted after a workout session. In fact, you must always feel refreshed and energetic post a workout session. You must consider squeezing in, adequate rest periods between workouts and constantly keep track of your body’s signals. Once you know about what are the best steroids to take for your condition, you may proceed accordingly.

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You Are Making the Mistake of Under Eating

Many of you train without any pre-workout food, on empty stomach as you assume that it is the best way of burning fat. This bad and unhealthy habit could be hampering your performance and may lead to certain side effects such as dizziness, low blood sugar symptoms, and even unconsciousness. You must eat a light meal about half an hour or an hour before working out. You must eat a nice digestible meal comprising vegetables, fruits, rice, pasta, whole-grain bread etc.


You may be obsessed with bodybuilding but at the same time, you must be aware of the unhealthy and dangerous training habits. It is important to think about realistic objectives that could be achieved with devotion and dedication.

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