Decorating Your Kid Room So It Will Last

Kids are well known for changing their taste minute to minute. And that is all alright, it’s all part of growing up…

But when the time comes to decorate the rooms, constantly updating the decor that would soothe those changing tastes would be exhausting on the wallet and on you. Use these tips that will help you design a room that your kid won’t outgrow and will have a chance to express themselves.

Buy furniture that will last

When you have a baby, it is easy to decorate a room with lively decor. But, those cute things don’t have a long life time and very soon your kid will get bored of them and want a change. When your child has a few years, they will look to childish, and you will find yourself in the store again. Instead, look for furniture that you would keep in your house for years.

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For example, instead of buying a kid closet, choose something that would work when the child grows up. If you have space in the room, invest in a big bed instead of a small bed, the child will have more room for sleeping, and if you have guests, you won’t have trouble with space.

Choose multifunctional furniture

Choosing furniture that has more uses is ideal, especially if the room changes from a baby space to a child space in a few years. Always think outside the box, try to imagine if something could be used in a few years as something else a bigger child would find useful. Also, when buying a bed, try to find a bed that has storage space beneath it so the room looks cleaner.

Things that cost, but are worth it

In every design there are a few areas you want to last the test of time – floors, pieces of furniture and wall colors. Instead of using these things to make a statement – choose endurance. Choose colors that are warm and tempting, universal floors and furniture. If the thing you are buying costs a lot of money, make sure that that piece is of real high quality.

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Add personality with details

Of course, the room of your kid shouldn’t be depraved of personality, far from it. You should encourage them to express themselves in their space. Just make sure that the details that make their room by their taste, are some that can be changed together with their interests. That means that things like carpets, picture frames, pillows will be changed in a certain period of time.

Keep your child involved in decoration

The bedroom of your child is an area in which they will spend a huge part of their life, so it is very important that they feel comfortable there. But remind your kids that although the rooms are their personal space, they are also a part of the house as a whole. Direct them, give them some pointers.

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Your child feels best in their space, so in the end let them decide. Make sure they have good lighting in the room, don’t let them pull their strings on that one, because it is very important. Make sure they have quality blinds or curtains, it’s critical.

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