The Advantages Of A CLI And GUI

If you are new to setting up a server, it is important for you to know a few of the key terms, what each of these terms mean and how it is able to assist you in your server interface. While you might run a particular operating system on the personal computers inside of the network, you may choose to use Linux systems for the server’s OS.

This selection may prove more popular than you know, as Linux is stripped of much of both Apple’s and Window’s bloat, and it is easy to customer it for those who understand server programming. Two elements closely associated with Linux systems includes a command line (CLI) and graphical user interface (GUI).

If you are looking to implement a CLI into your GUI, knowing a bit more about these two elements can help you decide what all should go into your server configuration, depending on the characteristics you are looking for.

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The Advantages Of A CLI And GUI


Multitasking is an essential element needed within your server. Both the CLI and GUI have some multitasking features you are able to use in conjunction with one another. First the GUI allows you to have direct control over multiple windows, which makes it easy to navigate between different setups and configurations you may want to bounce between.

This is nice to layer on top of the CLI, as the CLI does not have extensive multitasking features. All of the information on the CLI is viewed only through a single screen, so when used with the GUI, the different elements can be broken up and made easier to use and see.

System Control

With the CLI positioned over the GUI, you are going to have much more control over the accessing files on the server and the Linux operating system. With CLI, you can copy a specific file and send it to a different location.

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The GUI requires a direct command line, which can be rather complicated and also take additional time to input, slowing down any sort of configuration process or server upgrades, so using the CLI over the GUI makes perfect sense right here.

Scripting and Resources

The GUI can be a bit bogged down in terms of scripting and resources. While the GUI is able to accept shortcuts, tasks and other alterations, it does not grant much in terms of a command line. Beyond this, the GUI requires a large amount of system resources and it also requires both a mouse and keyboard to navigate.

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To new users of the server this might prove helpful, but for someone who is experienced in the server and the command line, this simply slows down the process. Thankfully, when you bring in the CLI over the GUI, you can take the benefits of the CLI to boost the speed and cut out many of the problem elements associated with your GUI.

In fact, the CLI only runs a command line, which reduces the amount of system resources it needs, making it not only easier to locate files and use system features, but it also speeds up the entire process as more system resources can go into the search speed.

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