Nesting 101: How To Make Your New Place The Perfect Space

Nesting 101: How To Make Your New Place The Perfect Space

You’ve spent hours scanning through listings on different websites, and more time checking out apartments and completing renter applications. Now, you are finally moved into your brand new place, and cardboard boxes are still piled to the ceiling. Here comes the fun part where you get to shape your place into cozy nest. Here are five important tips for making your house feel like a home.

1. Play with Color

Home is the place that perhaps best reflects your style best. Color is an easy way to make a statement about your personality. With a few throw pillows, you can easily splash a bright statement on the couch or bed. Another great and no-paint strategy is to decorate your dining table. With a flower arrangement or other centerpiece and some stylish chargers and napkins, your table can go from drab to fabulous. Similarly, some bright towels in the bathroom can enliven a plain room.

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2. The Smells

Another wonderful way to create the feeling of home is with your own personal scents. Burn your favorite vanilla candle in the bathroom. Bake chocolate chip cookies, and let the aroma settle into your new kitchen and living room.

3. Create a Comfy Corner

In any house, a special place to retreat to can be an important part of feeling safe and at home. Whether it is a cozy armchair or a cute window seat, a little corner all your own is a great way to relax and kick back. Top it off with a super soft blanket and a plush pillow.

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If there is no extra room for a private hideaway, pick out a favorite place, such as your bed or bathtub, and go the extra mile to make it a great place to escape to. Creating a special sanctuary will help you decompress at the end of a long day and make coming back home that much more enjoyable.

4. Entertainment for the Family

When it comes to places to hang out, a common favorite is the entertainment space. Hooking up your favorite channels soon after you first move in is a great way to convert an initially foreign house into your very own home. Online research can be a terrific tactic for finding the best deals on Direct TV in Maryland or any other new state you might have relocated to. With your TV connected, you will be all ready to cuddle on the couch and enjoy your new nest.

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5. Be Home

It might sound absurdly simple, but a large part of creating a home happens by simple spending time there. Making new memories in the kitchen, hosting a dinner party, watching movies in the living room and snuggling in your new bedroom are all special ways to transform a new place into a special home.

Hanging pictures and wall art can also make a new space appear more lived in. And decorating plain walls with the faces of your family and the prints and paintings you love will help make any place become your home.

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