Taking The Right Dosage Of Winstrol

Taking The Right Dosage Of Winstrol

Winstrol or Winni V is an anabolic steroid which helps in cutting down the excess fats in the body. This keeps your muscle intact and gives a lean look. Most of the body builders use this drug for hardening the muscle. This is a kind of drug that can be used by both men and women. Though, women have to play safe with this drug. When used with a proper dosage, this steroid keeps your energized. This synthetic man made steroid is available in both oral and injectable form. Winstrol comes under the Pharmaceutical name of Stanozolol. The active life of this powerful drug is around 8 hours.

Why Steroids are used?

Steroids are mostly preferred by body builders. Since it has the power of keeping the muscles both lean and pumping, many athletes have the practice of taking this dosage in cycles. However, the dosage of this cycle varies between men and women. Usually men have been recommended with higher dosage than women. There are also certain restrictions in using these drugs as they are extremely powerful. Any over dosage may lead to harmful effects. The steroids are either anabolic with androgen combination or simply anabolic. This helps in both cutting and bulking cycles. This also helps in enhancing the muscle mass and also its strength. There are many athletes who wish for aspiring more and more. These drugs are especially for those who wish to accomplish their goals in a shorter span of time.

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Which is Better –Oral or Injectable?

Both oral and injectable steroids do the job in their own way. Oral steroids are mostly used by many as it is easy to swallow. However the injectable steroids are considered to be more powerful than oral ones. Since injectable forms are considered painful, most of the athletes prefer oral form. Whatever may be the form, it is not advisable to use this steroid for more than 4-6 weeks as it is more powerful and may cause side effects. By using 50mg of Winstrol every other day, your muscle mass gets increased and the fat gets reduced drastically. Many athletes rotate the site of their injection area like biceps, triceps, shoulders and quads.

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Instructions in Using Winstrol

Winstrol should not be taken as over dose as it leads to serious side effects. Some of them are water retention and acne breakouts. Female athletes who consume more may face problem in pregnancy and tends to develop masculine effects. Other major side effect include liver problem. The dosage varies for oral and injectable forms. If you are using oral, 40-80 mg dosage is required. If it is to be used in injectable form, the preferred dosage is 50-100 mg. Winstrol stacking is also possible for the athletes who wish to increase the effect of steroid. Winstrol can be stacked with testosterone as it helps in heightening the anabolic effects. If you wish to add little weight to the muscle, it cannot be achieved only with Winni as it is ideal only for cutting cycles. Hence proper stacking is to be done. Other popular stacking is Trenbolone with Winstrol for hardening the muscle thereby leaning the muscle. By using 50mg of Winstrol every other day, you can achieve desired results in shorter span of time.

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