Beards: Not Just A Passing Fad

The resurgence in popularity of men’s facial hair over the last few years has been unprecedented, with more men then ever growing their own beards and moustaches. Despite being subject to the whims of fashion like any other look or affectation, evidence suggests that the new-found rise in beard ownership is not a passing fad.

Though there has been some talk of an imminent ‘peak beard’ period, articles such as this one among others reaffirm the idea that this is still some way off. Below we take a look at just a few of the main indicators that beards are likely to stick around past the initial hype.

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Cultural Attitudes

On the surface, the correlation between the rising popularity of facial hair and changing attitudes regarding masculinity and grooming practices may not be apparent.

Such changes in attitudes have resulted in a higher average level of grooming in men as well as promoting a more open-minded and fluid approach to changing styles and some traditional gendered behaviours – two major factors that together may account for the recent popularity of beards and offer evidence for their continued dominance. This sort of correlation means that, in a way, beards and facial hair today represent the best of both worlds: an archetypal masculine feature, updated with 21st-century grooming standards.

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Burgeoning Grooming Market

The combination of the internet and changing attitudes towards men’s grooming has led to a diversification in available men’s hair-care products such as beard oils and moustache combs. The continued sale of products like beard oil through Henry Tibbs and others would again suggest that beards are due to stick around.

Internet and the Beard Community

As the most significant cultural development in most people’s lives, the internet has enabled like-minded groups to come together and share their interests – another thing that can offer a major indicator of the enduring popularity of beards. The relatively high number of social media shares of articles such as is evidence that many men, especially younger men, are eager to find information about how to grow their own beards.

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The continued existence of sites such as is one sign – a growing community of enthusiasts sharing tips and showing off their beards that first started in 1996 and is still going today.

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