How To Do The Fundraising For A Stag Party and Avoid Mistakes?

If you are going to arrange a Stag do in Birmingham, then the most important thing is to gather adequate amount of money for the successful completion of the party. But if you will ask for the money out rightly to your friends, then it will not only make people uncomfortable, it will also spoil the mood of your friends. There are several other ways to try for a fundraising. In this article I will show you some of the fundraising ideas.

You have been selected as the best man of the groom that is why you have the responsibility to arrange everything. In case the couple in question is inclined towards the nature, then you can hold a party at an outdoor location.


  • When you are inviting your friends and at the same time willing to collect some money. You can take seashells, tree bark or anything of this sort and make it colorful decorative items; give them to your invitees and charge few dollars.
  • You can also print coupons, mention the venue of the stag party and sell them to your friends. You have to sell all your coupons before the event.
  • The idea is to charge a fixed amount of money from every friend of yours. You are very close to the groom, but even then make sure to ask him if he would like to invite some other people.
  • In order to make your party attractive, you can plan lucky draws in which gifts are given to the winners.
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It happens that when you are trying to organize a Stag do in Birmingham, which would be remembered for many years to come. You concentrate more on designing posters, tickets, arranging food and location and as a result of which you and up selling less tickets than expected. If you will sell fewer tickets naturally you will have less amount of money, then how you will pay for the stag party expenses? That is why when you are selling tickets for a stag party; make sure to sell as many tickets as you can before the event.

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Another common mistake, which people often do when arranging stag parties is selecting the inappropriate location. There are many reasons why people go for these kinds of locations, money plays a significant role. On the contrary location is very much responsible to make your party a hit. Suppose if you don’t like a certain place and not feel like going there, then why your friends will go? The venue can make your party a hit or flop. That is why you must select a location, which is within the easy reach and recognizable to all your friends.

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Above mentioned mistakes are just a few mistakes, which people usually make. It is not easy to do a foolproof plan of a stag party. If you are doing it for the first time and have no experience. Don’t hesitate to ask to your friends who have earlier arranged these kinds of parties. They will not only guide you through the entire process, but will also warn you against the possible mistakes you can make.

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