What Is A Location Directory, and Where It Is?

In normal manners, directory refers to any specific place where some information is stored. The information may be related to any particular subject or of general nature.  When we refer the offline mode we understand that the directory will either be a book or dictionary from where we can get the detailed information.  Accessing any directory is quite easy.  Now likewise the location directory is referred in terms of computers. This is also a specific place from where we can collect the desired information.  The difference between the offline and online directories is of the nature.  We can touch, see and feel the offline directories while online directories are only to see and use.

These directories are maintained over software.  The computerized directories are also of two types.  One which are inside the computer’s hard disc and can be used whatever is inside and other one are online which are located somewhere else, outside of the computer.  But these directories are also accessible with the help of internet.

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Now the questions arise, how a user can use this location directory?  All the internet users are well familiar with the URLs.  Each of the company or organization has its website to reach to the users.  The websites have several pages which carry the detailed information about the nature of organization, and many more.  A lot of websites are functioning on the web having huge data for promotional and educational purposes too.  This information is stored in the servers attached with the websites.  All the information as user see in the pages of a website is kept stored in the server.

This is the job of URLs those are associated with the backslashes with them.  The work of backslashes is to get the order from the user and contact the concerned server immediately to fetch the desired information.  Now the question arise again that, if the backslashes has the caliber to contact the server to collection the information then how the same is transferred to the user.

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Simple, the backslashes associated with the concerned URL quickly capture the IP address of the computer from where the command has been initiated.  The collected information is diverted to the concerned IP address.  The backslashes has also the ability to recognize the IP address.  Likewise, a lot of location directories are available in web world.  The information stored in these directories keeps updating.  As and when a user asks, the latest information is provided to him/her immediately.  The location directories also pertain to various subjects.  In case someone is asking about the latest ruling on the air travel by chartered planes.  Now this is the job of location based intimating services to get the information from appropriate channels and deliver till the IP address of the user.  This job can also be performed by the selection and input of refined keyword input in the search bars of any search engine.  Normally, airlines and official airport authorities will concern with the ruling of air travel.  The websites of these organizations can get the desired data to the user.

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But this data is not held with the computer of concerned department.  The same is brought to the customer through online media.  The huge servers where the data is stored called location directory, information collected and transferred to the IP address of the user.  Location directories are the hard discs of the huge servers.  In some of the servers, auto deletion mode is also active.  After every 30 days the older version will automatically removes off and updates capture the place.

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