How To Find The Right Storage Unit In Dubai

How To Find The Right Storage Unit In Dubai

It is peak season for moving – many people are looking for a new house or apartment within the UAE, but especially the number of international relocations increases during summer months in the Middle East. Some of them are not sure if they will leave Dubai for good or if they might come back, therefore shipping all their belongings to their new home appears to be risky. Since rent prices are also increasing, only the minority keeps their Dubai apartment during the stay abroad. So what to do when you want to move out of your apartment, but at the same time you don’t want to move all your possessions to a different country yet? The solution is one of the numerous storage facilities in Dubai! Renting a storage unit is the affordable alternative to shouldering rent expenses for an apartment or house. There are different storage types in Dubai, take a look at the advantages of each one to find the ideal storage space for your needs.

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Open Storage:

Open storage is the cheapest storage option available, since the storage company rents out spaces within one big facility, which means that your items are stored with other people’s belongings, and therefore they are accessible to anyone with access to the storage – and unfortunately theft is not a rarity in open self-storage spaces. So in case you need to store bulky furniture an open storage unit would be a good choice, because these items are highly unlikely to get stolen.

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Private Storage:

When you have many smaller items and valuable possessions, e.g. jewelry, clothes or important documents, you should decide for private storage. Private storage units are locked and therefore safer than open storage – thus they come at higher costs as well.

After you chose either open or a private storage, you still need to make further decisions. Depending on what kind of items you wish to store you should think about the need of a climate controlled storage facility. The temperatures will continue increasing and also inside a storage unit it can become quite hot – items that are sensitive to heat, like fur products or plants, should definitely be stored in an air-conditioned unit, which consequently involves extra charges.

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In case you are unsure which storage type to choose, reach out to multiple storage companies in Dubai and ask for consultation. Also get different price quotes and compare customer reviews to make sure you get the best possible service, so you don’t need to worry about your belongings while you are abroad.

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