How To Get A Family Lawyer?

Family Lawyer

Separation, divorces, legal disputes involving your family, such as property disputes, can pose a tough phase to pass through. It is both a headache, for the enormity of the procedures involved and an emotional trauma in itself, to fight with your loved ones!

The emotional trauma can’t be compensated for, by any means. However, you can prevent yourself from bearing the havoc and still not yielding the desired results. The Davies Law Firm Ottawa, is a group of lawyers that specializes in family matters to help you to get through the ordeal.

It has a wide menu that covers all the disputes pertaining to different situations that may arise due to friction in a family.

  • Contentious Divorce
  • Amicable Divorce
  • Child Custody Law Experts
  • Divorce Law Experts
  • Family Legal Services
  • Family Mediation Assistance
  • Prenuptial Agreement
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Normally, the couple has to live separately for a complete year before any court will grant it divorce. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule. Even after separation, there are several other issues that assume a substantial amount of priority, even more than obtaining the divorce itself, such as coming to a mutual consensus on custody and arranging support for the child. Davies Divorce Firm can provide you the support and legal representation at any stage of your divorce process with your spouse.


There are various agreements that exist within the family law: separation agreements, cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts. In most of the cases, parties are unaware of their rights. In such a case, legal advice is of immense importance.

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Custody and Access

Professional opinions can be taken from lawyers for more amicable resolution of issues involving custody of children and providing them support. Disputes involving children can be very traumatic. To help you sail through this emotional distress, family lawyers who can understand your state of mind are essential.

Spousal Support

To claim for a spousal support after the divorce, the couple must have cohabited for a period of time or have a child together. In case of any confusion through any process involving support and your entitlement to it, please contact Davies Law Firm.

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Child Support

This law firms helps you in case any issue arises pertaining to child support such as additional payments, enforcement of payments, shared or split custody, etc.

Property Division

Division of property in a divorce or a separation can be highly complex. It is essential that your interests and rights are protected. Davies Law Firm lucubrates in the division of assets and properties upon separation. To ensure the property is settled in a fair manner, lawyers represent both the parties.

Separating from your loved ones has always been devastating. You need somebody reliable, who advices and assists you throughout this process. Davies Law Firm is the quintessential partner. To seek their help, visit their website and schedule a consultation.

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