How To Position Your Golf Ball Before You Swing?

How To Position Your Golf Ball Before You Swing?

Golfers motivated to improve their game can look forward to the golf courses in Tampa that offers the right ambiance and setting for players who want to focus and play better. The golf links in the city not only have the right layout for the game, but also a beautiful terrain interspersed with pristine lakes and ponds. But hitting the best shots on the course is not easy. Average golfers may play one or two outstanding shots during a round, but it’s the seasoned players who keep playing consistently well. But how to play like a pro hole after hole? You can improve consistency in the game if you know how to place the ball in your stance. You need to ensure that the ball is in the same position each and every time you play. Unfortunately, some players take ball position very lightly. But, if you are serious about the game, here is how you can position the golf ball before you swing:

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Learn Where to Position the Ball

Firstly, you must understand where to place the golf ball in your stance for every club that you use. When using wedges, the ball must be right at the center of your stance. This approach will help you swing in a balanced way so that your body weight doesn’t shift radically in one way or the other. Place the ball in the middle of your stance if you are swinging with your short irons. It will make your swing more rotational. And, if you are using your driver, place the ball at the inside of your front foot. Once you know how to position your ball for your wedges, irons and drivers, you’ll be able to create a ball position for the rest of the clubs.

How To Position Your Golf Ball Before You Swing?

Alter the Ball Position to Control Ball Flight

There is a direct connection between a golf ball’s position and flight. The ball flight that a golfer wants to achieve is the outcome of the ball position that he employed to hit a shot. This also depends on a host of other factors. To improve your game, adjust the ball position to deliver different shots as and when required. This is one of the most important skills you should master while teeing off on a golf course. Hit the golf ball higher or lower to change position in the best possible manner. You can do this in the following ways:

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Achieving a higher ball flight: You may want to achieve a higher ball flight if you have a tall tree right in front of you or wish to stop the ball on a solid green. So, if you’re attempting a wedge shot, make sure you move the ball a couple of inches forward from the center of your posture or stance. Do not change your swing technique besides the position of the ball. Once you know how to position it, the ball will go up the club face and shoot high up in the air.

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Hitting the ball lower: You may have to hit the ball lower if the wind is strong. Move the ball back in your stance when wind starts blowing. You may need to choke down an inch or so on the club to gain additional control. However, for a lower ball flight, you need to change your swing a bit. Swing softly when trying to achieve a lower ball flight.

It’s important to learn how to position a golf ball correctly. Don’t miss an opportunity to master this art when you are in one of the golf courses in Tampa if you really want to improve your game. Ball positioning is one of the rudimentary skills of golf. Once this is perfect, you may expect to hit shot after shot just like a pro.

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