Most teens would probably be looking for their first job at a retail store. They are not the only ones to look for jobs here. Adults who wish to have a change in career or are looking for a seasonal job before moving to something else will also very likely turn to retail stores for a job hunt. Working in retail is not all about the money. You gain people skills that will definitely help you when you leave for another job. In the past, it was pretty easy to land yourself a job in most retail stores. However in today’s changing world, it is becoming more competitive to land a job in places like Costco or Home Depot. You will definitely need to stand out from the competition.

1. Do Your Job Search

The best place for you to start is online. Most retail stores will have a website where they announce their job openings. While online, it is good to browse the website for information, not just on the job openings, but also on the job descriptions. This will give you a clear picture of the kind of person they are looking for.

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2. Prepare Your Resume

Some retail stores will require you to apply online. An example is when you apply for Kroger careers. You will have to fill out some forms and also attach your resume. Be sure to read all the questions carefully and answer them. Also be sure that your resume is updated and friendly to read.

You can however still drop by the retail store and hand over your CV. When you choose to do this, be sure to dress up properly. Your clothes should be clean and well pressed. First impressions always matter, and you don’t know, the hiring manage may just be impressed by your presentation.

3. Polish Your People Skills

In retail, you will be meeting a lot more people than you would on a normal day. You will need to interact with them. Remember that these people come from different backgrounds and social levels. The rule of thumb is always that customer is king. You will have to be nice. This will call for you to answer questions that customers may have as well as be prepared to walk the extra mile; deal with their complaints and even help them take their luggage to the car. People skills is a must in retail. If you happen to drop by the retail store, make sure to smile and be friendly to everyone you meet. This will show that you are comfortable and friendly around people. You will thus find it very helpful for you to drop by the retail store, and observe how the employees relate with the customers and among themselves.

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4. Be Enthusiastic about the Job

You may want to go to retail only because you need to pay for your expenses while in college, or are still hunting for your dream job. Don’t be so casual about your retail job search. Approach the whole job application process as seriously as you would your dream job. Not everyone always get to work at their dream job and who knows, you may as well just fit in and love your retail job. There are many people who applied for Kroger jobs and are now happily employed as full time employees. Sometimes, the Application Careers you send may just chance the path of your career.

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In showing enthusiasm, do not mention things like you are only looking for a part time job, or that this is not what you always wanted to do. This will put off the hiring manager and they may look for someone else who would be happy to work hard at the retail store.

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