How To Wear Asymmetrical Dress

Asymmetrical dresses with asymmetrical hemline or one shoulder design are one of the hottest trends in the contemporary world especially among the young ladies. These types of dresses have become very popular because of their unique features that make the wearer look glamorous and classic.

They are pieces of women apparel that will spice up your wardrobe and can be worn as a casual wear or office attire. However, for you to look fabulous and elegant on an asymmetrical dress you must wear it properly. You must know what will blend well with your asymmetrical dress as well as know how to choose a dress that complements your body shape.

Below are some tips on how to wear an asymmetrical dress.

Balance Your Overall Look

The main reason why asymmetrical hemline and one shoulder dresses are so exhilarating to the wearer’s is because they shake off the notion that symmetry is equivalent to beauty.

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When you manage to throw off the balance in a perfect way, you will achieve a stunning look that will make all eyes turn in admiration as you walk down the streets. Asymmetrical dresses are visually interesting and a fashion statement on themselves.

One of the ways to achieve an overall balanced look is by choosing pieces of fabric that will balance out a missing sleeve or exposed leg. Alternatively, you can carry a matching clutch on the other side of the asymmetrical shoulder or hem to strike the balance.

Create Layers

Asymmetric dress styles are superb for creating layers as well as texture within an outfit. This especially works well when you blend the uneven detail of the piece with other clothes which have asymmetric accents. To spice up your look, you can try to blend your asymmetrical outfit with vests, cardigans, jackets and belts.

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Choose Your Footwear Appropriately

The type of footwear you will choose to wear with your asymmetric dress will contribute greatly to your overall look. As such you need to choose your footwear appropriately. Shoes can change a formal asymmetric look to a glamorous, fashionable look.

For instance, if you wear an asymmetrical dress with a sheer dipped hem and match it up with a pair of designer platform court shoes, you will achieve an amazing look with a touch of class and elegance. To achieve a young and punky look, you can team the dress up with a pair of boots.

Elongate Your Legs

Asymmetric dresses tend to make the wearer’s legs look shorter if the dress or the footwear is not selected properly and this can ruin your gorgeous look.  The best way to deal with this is to get outfit that will elongate your legs. For instance, for petite ladies to achieve an overall glamorous look they can pick an asymmetrical dress with high hemline at the front and longer at the sides.

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This will create ample room to show off their front legs but they should team them up with a pair of high heels so as not to lose the glamour.

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