Asian Way To Dress Up On Your First Date

Asian Way to Dress-Up On Her First Date

So, you’re going on a first date and you couldn’t be more excited. The question now becomes, what to wear on your first date?  Don’t sweat it, you are not alone. Many people, especially women, get nervous about a first date. Typically, we have no idea what to wear even though we have a million clothes in our closet. Read below for a quick guide to select the best outfit for this speical event.

The most important thing is to keep your stress level down to make sure you look graceful and relaxed. Our guide will not only boost your confidence in selecting the best outfit, but also give you some options in getting ready from head to toe.

How to dress-up:

It does not mean that you have to wear some lavish designed outfit to make your date notice you. Try and make sure to get dressed up according to venue that has been decided for your date. Take some quality time before your date to select the right dress of attire.  Here are some style options to try!

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Style 1: Get dressed up in a stylish pencil skirt with a designer button down shirt. If it is a little cold outside, keep a thin jacket handy. Even better would be to let the guy offer up his jacket to you, so he looks like a gentleman. This would be a perfect outfit for a dinner or coffee shop date. Stylish Asian bodycon or tube dress would make a great selection to wear at a club event.

Style 2: You can choose a nice sporty wears for an athletic place, if you are both athletic people. Wearing sporty outfits isn’t always a bad thing. It shows the guy that not only do you like to have fun, but you’re also out-going and adventurous.

Style 3: Stylish mini dress with belted waist will form a perfect Korean fashion piece to accompany your partner at mall or walking around. This could be something really cool to wear in order to mingle and get to know each other. Selecting a comfortable, yet convenient korean fashion dress can make a huge difference for your date.

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Reminder: Please always remember not to dress up in loose carefree outfit. Rather it should be comfortable, classy and tidy. You want to look relaxed and put together without trying too hard to go out of your way to impress your date. Make sure you get noticed, but wear nothing too alluring on your first date.

How to make-up:

Remember this: a dish without garnish looks incomplete. This is the same when it comes to dressing up without makeup. Always remind yourself, men like the natural look that is also unnoticeable. If you’re going out to a nice restaurant, focus on your eyes with eye shadow mingled with white touchs at the corners, to show off your beautiful eyes. Use a glossy tone for your lips but nothing sticky, because it is mostly turn off for men.

Few curls twirling in your face adds a flirty look to your overall style. For a casual hangout, light shades to your makeup will reflect your smooth glowing face. It is sure to add an impression. Don’t forget to wear perfume that is subtle and pleasing (more advices here).

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Don’t over dress with heavy jewelry. Instead, go with nice pair of earrings that will draw all attention towards your face.

Last but not least, the most important thing to remember is footwear. Footwear makes a great impression and no one wants to be uncomfortable. For a formal date, wedge heels will offer a nice trendy look with great comfort to the feet. If you plan on shopping around, plan to wear some stylish shoes which are comfortable. I am sure that if you follow these guides, you will have a great date.

Asians particular taste of dress can make a huge difference and when compared globally, the dresses are more ethnic and colorful. My step by step guide for your first date can make things easier; this artciel has been written thanks to support of – online store with fashionable clothing designed in Asia.

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