Benefits Of Homecare Reablement Teams

Providing patients with comfortable surroundings has proved to be beneficial for the patients well-being and recovery. While home care can be performed by family members or hired healthcare professionals, it can also be done by reablement teams. Home reablement teams provide personal care and help with daily activities for patients who are unable to carry out the tasks.

They can also help support the patients in carrying out the activities themselves, in order to regain an excellent quality of life. What are the other benefits of homecare reablement teams?

Using reablement services

The service is highly personal for the patient. If they find themselves unable to perform daily routines, a reablement worker can do the tasks for them, or provide support in doing them. The service tends to be reserved for those who have recently been discharged from hospital and have a change in their needs or have had a recent crisis.

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A reablement worker will help a patient gain independence following an illness and both can work together to set agreed goals and advance towards them. Reablement services are available to the patient once they have been referred and once a visit has been arranged, a worker will be with the patient within 48 hours.  The patient will then discuss their needs with the worker who can provide quality care to aid the patient in “getting back on their feet as quickly as possible”.

However, they will take utmost care and fully support the patient along the way. The service is completely catered to their needs.

What are the benefits?

A majority of the benefits have been listed above. The main benefit of using a reablement team is that it provides a safe and supportive environment for the patient to receive treatment. The service is tailored to meet their needs while promoting independence. It can also give the chance for friends and family to easily visit them without being restricted by hospital visiting hours.

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Even at home, medication can be ordered for the patient via a logistical company that deals with healthcare logistics, who can provide confidential and bespoke services. They might also order equipment for you to help you around the home such as walking frames, bath handles for support and other supportive equipment. As they are trained professionals, they may be able to help you understand how to use them, leading you to be able to support yourself.

After the support

Reablement workers can be in your home for up to six weeks, but most workers may start charging for services after that. The length of the service depends on the need of the patients as well as guidance from a local council.  In most cases, the local council will provide a budget so you may choose support that is right for you.  As you can see, there are many benefits for hiring the services of a professional reablement worker.

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The main advantage is that they can help you become independent after being discharged from hospital. If you feel you are eligible for a reablement service, you should contact your local council.

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