HP Slate Pro 8 And 12: Snapdragon 800, 32gb Internal with Gorilla Glass 4

HP Slate Pro 8 And 12: Snapdragon 800, 32gb Internal with Gorilla Glass 4

HP is often where we least expect. Proved it again recently with the Sprout and is apparently determined not to stop there. As proof, it has just unveiled two very promising touch pads, and pretty to look at: the Slate 8 Pro and Pro Slate 12 And be careful, because they do not lack arguments to seduce. Beautiful products not without benefits, but at a questionable price.

Design level, the two tablets are very similar, a sleek design and finesse to go with only 8 millimeters thick. The two terminals tremendously the last reminiscent HP One with an extra-fine aluminum shell (8 mm) and no less than two speakers placed at the front, top and bottom of the screen.

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The Same Configuration With a Difference In Size

There are also nice things in the data sheet. Their configuration is also very close and the two slates were thus entitled to a Snapdragon processor clocked at 800 2.3GHz, with 2GB of RAM and storage space varies depending on model. 32GB of internal storage, expandable via an SD card, a rear 8 megapixel, optical sensor, and a front 2 megapixel sensor. Little chef’s surprise, it has an HDMI output in addition to the micro USB port. Android 4.4 KitKat turned it off, an update to Lollipop is very likely.

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Like many manufacturers, HP decided to do the same shelf in two different sizes. That is why the only difference between the HP Slate 8 Pro and HP Slate Pro 12 is the size and resolution of the screen. The first (HP Slate 8 Pro) has a screen 7.9 inches with a resolution of 2048 × 1200, the second (HP Slate Pro 12) has a 12 inch screen with a resolution of 1600 × 1200, both are equipped with Gorilla Glass protection 4.

HP has chosen to equip its two tablets of the latest version of KitKat, but there is likely an update to Lollipop is deployed in the weeks following the marketing of these terminals. Price aside, Price level, it will be the weak point of these tablets, the Slate 8 Pro is $ 449 and Slate Pro 12 is $ 569. Both are compatible with the stylus Duet Pen, accessory back in fashion since it would also put Apple. The availability of these is immediate for the US and soon in Europe.

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So it was their only fault. I actually think that HP did not opt ​​for the right price positioning, so it was a shame because it will harm these two terminals.

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