Intervention Of Army In Pakistan

This is the Pakistani army, which has arbitrated in the country’s political catastrophe in what has been explained by some observer as a “soft coup.” The Military chief General called Raheel Sharif interfered on Thursday night into the political confrontation between the democratic governments of legal Prime Minister named Nawaz Sharif and enduring opposition protests declaring for his acquiescence. More on current affairs of pakistan can be followed on this website.

The defense was organized by the leader of opposition party called Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) who was former cricketer Imran Khan and also the Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) of Canadian-based Islamic cleric Tahir UL-Qadri began on August 15. These were the protesters who had camped very close to Red Square in the capital Islamabad where the national parliament building and major government administrative offices and other important buildings are situated. Prime Minister Sharif had tried several rounds of conversation with Imran Khan as well as Qadri, but didn’t succeed to reach a conclusion.

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Then he started to move with another way. He called Imran & Qadri separately and asked for a compromise. But the two against leader still stood on their demand to misplace Nawaz Sharif and get the army rules. Whether, the request of the prime minister didn’t work a lot, whenever the army took the  whole power as the intervention and appeared as such a threatening situation in the democratic life of the people. When Nawaz Swas elected in the election, he promised to develop the “Civilian Rule” but it’s a matter of great regret that he could not keep his promise because of the military intervention.

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SO, it has seemed that no democratic power can come to light if there is militarily or any autocratic power still possesses on. Similarly, whenever it’s about to Pakistan, same condition happened with it.  After army’s arrival, they started to control the country with their own way. They used to shoot the people, who came to protest for their democratic rights. For this reason, about 9 people had died very sadly and several people were injured. This all was broadcasted live on aik din geo ke saath 2015.

But it has got that, no autocratic ruler could rule for too many days with his evil thinking or deeds. The country people used to come forward to gain their basic rights. But if the people are conscious about their basic as well as the democratic rights, then no autocratic ruler could set inhumanly rules over them. These rules are mostly settled not only to control the behavior of the people, but also killed their most valuable rights too.

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SO, in Pakistan, people are still facing many problems only because of their hidden democracy. Even for that reason, Pakistan is also lacking of some political powers and other facilities which should be coped with some other countries too. But Pakistan is not so much friendly nation at all. That’s why they still have to suffer from many international benefits too.  But it is hoped that Pakistan will solve these circumstances and overcome all of their lacks and appeared as a great friendly nation not only the house of the terrific teams.

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