How Cloud Testing Can Revolutionise Your Software Development Process

Today, smartphones and tablets are pervasive. You can find them in the richest cities and the poorest townships. Most of these devices come with proprietary applications that can perform a variety of actions or entertain us. With the birth of cloud computing, tasks that used to require people to use a desktop or laptop can now be done wherever they go. This also means that people sometimes want to access certain applications on whichever device they happen to be using. Not all of these devices make use of the same operating systems, which is why some companies provide web applications.

Web applications can generally be accessed from any web browser, making them far more versatile than the apps you much purchase from a dedicated application store. If your site runs on a certain kind of software, you need to be sure it’ll work for everyone.

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The Future Is in the Clouds

If you’re a developer keen on testing your new web application or software and if you know your history, then you know how it used to be. It used to be that you faced the unenviable task of organizing real-time, real-world testing of a web application’s endurance and scalability. Scalability, for the lay person, is the ability of a system or process to capably handle whatever pressures it faces. The more pressure you add on to it, the more it should be able to operate normally. You should also be able to add hardware or software to your systems without sacrificing web application performance.

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In the past, testing apps required other people and computers around the world. It wasn’t very cost-effective. It was, however, necessary until the advent of cloud computing. Cloud testing does not use same commercial cloud consumers are probably familiar with. The cloud in a cloud testing context basically refers to the way you can now test your application’s abilities in a virtual environment. Without the need for a global network of testers, you can simulate the multiple testing points you’d normally deal with in the real world. This can save you a lot of money, stress and downtime.

Save Time and Money, Keep Quality

Normally, those you put to work to test web applications or software demand money. Servers need to be maintained or refurbished. Organised test times could be a hassle and you used to have to spend a lot of time arranging where and how a web app or application programming interface would be tested. Today, thanks to cloud testing, you can simulate all sorts of stress conditions to see how your web application or software can handle a variety of loads. Cloud testing helps developers do less work, at a lower cost, to ensure greater quality.

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If you’re developing software or applications, and you’re in the market for cloud based testing solutions could be the site that helps you find them. Before you deploy your software or application out into the real world, learn how cloud-based testing can help you iron out most of the kinks before you launch.

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