Know More About Replacing Windows

People replace their windows for several reasons. It might be because they are falling apart or have grown old. Some people replace windows before shifting to a new house. Your windows and doors are accessories that jazz up the house. Whenreplacingwindows it is necessary to know that new windows are designed in such a way that they fit where previous window was placed, so their structure has to be same.

Step 1: configuring the glass type

Firstly, one needs to decide the glass type they want in their windows. The glasses are rated by R-value and U-factors. These ratings categorize the glass according to its efficiency.

R value:

These glasses are rated based on their insulation level. These ratings are valued from 0.9 upward. Good insulating windows usually are rated 3 or more.

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U factor:

U factor does not rate in regard to insulation; instead it is rated by how well it keeps the heat in the house. The U-factor is valued from 1.1 to 0.3.

Step 2: Classifying glass according to choice

  • One should only go for single pane windowsif heat loss isn’t an issue. They are usually used for windows of garages and sheds.
  • Double and triple-pane glass uses multiple pane of glass, which are made with a void airspace in between. This air space helps in insulation.
  • Low-emissivity or low-e glass functions as a heat trapper. It has a certain special coating for that purpose that works all year round.
  • Heat-absorbing glass blocks by absorbing the solar energy and keeps the heat out. It also helps in keeping the ultra violet rays out which prevents households, carpets and curtains to fade.
  • Reflective glass operates just like heat-absorbing glass but has a thin film coating that reflects the harmful UV rays.
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Step 3: choosing window frames:

Replacement window frames come in five basic types.


• Aluminum frames:

They have lost their popularity recently as they are not energy efficient.

• Fiberglass replacement windows:

It is a new type of frame but they are generally expensive. They have a very high R-value, which saves your heating bill.

• Wood frames:

They have great R-values because of wood as it is a natural insulator however, it requires high maintenance.

• Vinyl frames:

They have become popular because they offer a wide range of styles.They are very efficient in saving energy. It keeps the edges of the window warm. Window replacement Whitby has a huge range of vinyl frames.

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• Fiber:

It is a combination of wood and vinyl. It requires low maintenance and is highly energy efficient.

Step 4: check for the hidden cost

Take out estimate costs. Cross check through other companies. Also check for company’s hidden charges. Feel free to ask for references. Apart from that, make a list of pros and cons subject to the company. Do check for online customer review before the purchase.

Step 5: understand the company’s warranty:

Get to know company’s warranty and post purchase services in detail.

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Sara lance works at window replacement agency since 8 years. She has written numerous articles related to usage of vinyl windows in Toronto.

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