Step-by-Step Guide For Lift Installation In Singapore

When we mention climb the floors in a building, the word “lift” comes naturally to our lips. No one would have given a second thought about lift and it comes naturally when transporting people and goods from floor to floor. But do you know that with the convenience and comfort that comes with a lift ride, lies the careful installation and maintenance by a trained and experienced technician? Much lies in the installation of a platform or box that raised or lowered people and goods in a vertical fashion. Behind every safe ride, is a pair of dedicated technician who has the expertise trained in all technical manners and know the regulations inside out to ensure that the lifts in their hands are handled with care and safety. In Singapore, only authorized companies with the proper licenses are permitted to install a lift, big or small. Each must know the basics of lift installation, safety requirements and localised regulations. If you are looking to install a lift in your home for private use, in a building for commercial purposes, it is crucial that you understand the basic requirements and process to help you in your discussion with your engineering company. Here are some fundamental elements for you to take note of: Choosing the engineering company that meets your requirements There are many companies that provide lift installation service in Singapore. View their portfolio of lift installation project, the diversity of installation projects done by them and the basic certification and/or qualifications awarded. One good example for review is Meyer Engineering where they have a list of portfolio of lifts installed in private homes, private buildings and commercial buildings. Understand the Lift Installation Process There are several elements to take note of when discussing lift installation with the engineering companies.

  1. Ground Preparation
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The actual installation ground must be prepared, clean and swept free of debris, dust and obstacles.  To ensure safety, the area must be sealed off from the public. Next, the ground will be dug to a significant degree to create a pit for the bolts to be installed and anchored. Once the pit is cleared of debris, the jack and all the casings will be added.

  1. Erect the Hoist Way

During the erecting procedure, the hoist way will be set to the proper levels with plumbing applied to prevent accidents down the road. This procedure must be handled with care and set the precedent to the rest of the installation coming up.

  1. Installation of the Hydraulic and the Electrical Hookups
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This phase of the procedure is labor intensive as the technician or lift installer is required to work with electricity applications and hydraulics, which is normally reserved for the work of an engineer or electrician. Hence, it is crucial that you select the appropriate engineering company with qualified technicians or engineers for your lift installation. You need to ensure that the necessary government permits are submitted for approval and should be done before the actual electric and hydraulic hookups are set in place.

  1. Emergency Equipments & Items

Equipments for emergency must be installed as per Singapore government’s regulations. Items include emergency telephone, sprinklers, fire emergency materials are fixed up.

  1. Inspection

With all the installation completed, the inspection for the lift cage and setups start and the final finishing touch put in place.

  1. Documentation

As part of Singapore regulations, the lift installer is required to document the lift installation  procedure accurately and to store these records for at least five years. The documents will be produced for inspection when they are called up by the commissioner. Lift Maintenance & Inspections With all the above procedures completed, the next part of the lift installation and maintenance falls into the hands of the building owner or building management whose responsibility is to:

  • maintain cleanliness
  • schedule regular inspections and maintenance
  • lodge a Certificate of Lift Maintenance and Testing for the operation of the lift in the building by a certified lift associate
  • lodge a certificate of inspection with the commissioner within 3 months upon the completion of the inspection. Failing to do so may result in a suspension of lift operation and a hefty fine of five thousand dollar.
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Finally… Safety is the number one priority when it comes to lift installation in Singapore. The stringent requirements ensure that only authorized and trained engineers are allowed to install the lifts. Safety does not stop there after installation. On an ongoing maintenance, regular inspections is required to detect tear and wear. Your safety and the safety of the passengers is paramount to enjoy a safe and pleasant ride.

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