Your Guide To Choosing The Perfect Rug or Tapestry

The simple addition of a rug or tapestry can add massively to the ambience of a room. The rich colours and inviting textures can warm up a stark-looking area, make a large room appear smaller, or add to a room’s overall theme. Choosing the perfect rug or tapestry is largely down to personal taste, however, there are also ways to make sure you invest in the right one for you.


Traditional Rugs are incredibly versatile, as they can go on the floor or be hung on the wall. You can even drape them over railings or layer them on top of each other for unusual effects. They are also very mobile, so you can move them around from time to time when you feel like having a change.

Make sure you match your rug to the space in which it is going to be displayed. For example, choose a durable, thick rug for the entrance hall and other areas that are subject to heavy footfall. Having a rug that is easy to clean, and not too pale in colour will also help keep it looking as clean as possible. Rugs in the hallway are often one of the first things that visitors to your home will notice, so make sure they look neat and tidy and add genuine style to the room, right from the word go.

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Rugs in reception rooms don’t normally need to stand up to as much wear and tear, so you can have more choice when selecting colours and patterns. Aim to invest as much as you can in your rug, so that it last for a, long time and feels luxurious underfoot. Look for rugs with a higher number of knots per square inch, to ensure a better quality product.

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Tapestries are designed for one sole purpose: to be seen and admired. Your choice of tapestry will speak volumes about your styles and taste. A tapestry can be hung on almost any wall to draw the eye and set the theme of the room. Look for tapestries with rich, warm colours and designs that are interesting, but not overwhelming. Adding a mirror on the opposite wall to a tapestry can create a lovely doubling-up effect.

You can get plenty of tapestries with modern designs these days – you are not restricted to Victorian samplers or Biblical scenes. Bold, geometric patterns can look stunning on the wall, as can abstract swirls and splashes of vibrant colour. If you are after something truly unique, you can commission your own tapestry and have total control over its appearance and quality.

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Buying your Rug or Tapestry

Shop around for your rug or tapestry – don’t rely on one dealer, or choose the first one you see online. Never buy it sight unseen, as you will want to check the colours in real life, and feel it to ensure it is the right quality for your needs. Investing in rugs is not cheap, so don’t make hasty decisions that you could come to regret later on. Carry out plenty of research into how and where the rug was made, what its provenance is and how you should take care of it. If you are considering a valuable antique rug, you might like to look into having it valued, and obtaining a separate insurance quote.

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