Ultimate Carpet Cleaning Tricks and Tips

A clean carpet is vital if you want your home to look spick and span, but stains, discolouration and general dirt can build up quickly on carpets. If you want your carpets to look as good as new, read on for our ultimate carpet cleaning tricks and tips.

Don’t Rub Stains

If you don’t know this vital trick yet, this is where you have been going wrong. Any spillages need to be blotted straight away, as rubbing will only work them deeper into the carpet.

Shaving Foam

One of the best secret tips of the carpet cleaning world is shaving foam. This silky stuff can remove some of the most determined stains. Once you have blotted the stain, spray some shaving foam to the area and leave for 20 minutes, then blot with a dry cloth.

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Waxy Stains

Candles are nice, but wax dripped onto your carpet is not. The best way to get rid of wax is to place some brown paper over it and iron it. Once the wax is slightly melted, use a non-serrated knife to get it out.

Greasy Stains

Combating grease can be tough. If you have a particularly greasy stain, the best thing is grease-battling detergent. Use straight washing up liquid or dishwasher detergent and a scrubbing brush to really work the grease out.

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Carpet Tiles

If you are expecting trouble on your carpet – perhaps you have a baby on the way or you are renting out a property – carpet tiles can be an excellent solution. If a really bad stain occurs on one tile, simply remove it and slot in a new one. Such tiles can be found at online retailers such as ukflooringdirect.co.uk.

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Deep Cleaning

A weekly dry vacuum will only get up a certain amount of dirt from your carpet. To keep it looking spick and span, you are going to need to deep wet clean it every six months with a steam cleaner or wet carpet cleaner. Either buy your own carpet cleaner; rent a machine such as Rug Doctor from a supermarket, or get a professional to come to your house.

A well-kept carpet is integral to a great-looking, fragrant home. Stock your cleaning cupboard with these stain essentials and make sure you regularly deep clean your carpet.

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