No More Bugs, No More Smell, Thank You Drain Mate

We had recently moved to our new home and had been experiencing weird foul smells coming from the shower drains in 2 of our bathrooms. Not only that, we found pests and insects including cockroaches and other creepy-crawlies roaming around in our bathrooms every night! We checked thoroughly and found out that there was no other way they could be coming from except the drains. We tried placing different objects on the drains and hang air fresheners all around but it was not a permanent solution.

I searched for and met several plumbers and found no inexpensive way or product that could cure both of my problems at once, without breaking my bathroom floor tiles. Any way I went ahead and ordered two different products from the TV infomercials. One of them did not turn out to be compatible with my shower drains and the other one, well it hadn’t shown up and I cancelled the order. Left completely dejected from these experiences I searched the web and came across Drain Mate.

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drain trap sealer

In a short time my problem was solved. How, you ask? I ordered it through the website and it was shipped to me the very next business day. The Drain Mate came ready to install and the package included all the bits and screws to put it in place. Within seconds I was able to install it myself saving any plumbing expense. No power tools were needed either. It easily fits my floor grates and drain covers. I simply removed the drain cover, placed the Drain Mate inside, added the washer, put the screw in, tightened it and I was done. Now, it prevents bad smell and pests climbing up the sewer drains.

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Drain Mate is made from a good quality plastic which is 100% recyclable. The fact that it is environmental friendly really pleased my wife. It is a long lasting product which does not contain any component that can corrode away with time. The Drain Mate is completely stress-free and easy to clean and maintain. You can simply take out the appliance partially or wholly for cleaning.

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The product has also reduced drainage noise considerably and eliminated the problem of overflowing drains. As it is manufactured inside Australia, Drain Mate is cheaper and easier to order than most other similar products available at stores and online.

DrainMate Installation Video

DrainMate – Drain Trap Sealer. from Kumar on Vimeo.

Now my shiny new bathrooms are perfect again and there are no more encounters with the little uninvited friends. I would definitely recommend this for keeping toxic gases and smells away from basement, shower and bathroom.

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