Tricks For Optimum Use Of WhatsApp Messenger

With the invent of a smartphone the IT industry saw a boom in the development of smartphone apps which were used for social networking and messaging. One of the most favoured and used app is WhatsApp which is a messaging app used for instant messaging and chatting. This app also allows the user to share files with pictures and videos and also group chats and video calls. But this is not where the features of a WhatsApp messenger end. There are many more tips and tricks that help the user to take the advantage of many advance features which can be unofficially accessed.

Let us look at the various WhatsApp tricks that can be used to make the most of your favorite messaging app:

  1. Hide your last seen:

The last seen option in WhatsApp has been known to create many problems and major causes of rift in relations. To avoid this one can opt to hide the last seen option so that your contacts will not know your current status. To accomplish this, one can download the app and open its settings to ‘block last seen’. This option disables your last seen until you enable it.

  1. Mailing the conversation history:
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This trick is especially beneficial when people share important information via their chat messages and by some bad luck lose all the information. The other person to whom the information is shared or chatted can mail the entire conversation with its images and videos through mail. The person simply has to choose the menu option of the said conversation and opt for more and click on email conversation where he can enter the mailing address of the person he wants to send the chat history.

  1. Hacking a friends account:
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This is my favorite trick for whatsapp messenger as it allows me to peak in the messages of my friends whatsapp account. For this what I only had to do is:

I accessed the files MicroSD files in the card and clicked on WhatsApp to select Database option. By doing this I found 2 files which were msgstore-yyy..dd..db.crypt and mgstore.db.crypt. Now all I had to do was find these files in my friends device in the same manner and voila!! I can access all conversations happing in his Whatsapp account. Isn’t it really cool?  There is yet another way to hack into somebody else’s whatsapp account and that is with the help of whatsapp spy app.

  1. Shortcuts for whatsapp messenger:
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Whatsapp has become an addiction for nearly every one using it. As soon as they hear the ping sound of the device that notifies and incoming whatsapp message it is a must for them to access their device and immediately check the message. In such a case a shortcut for the app is highly recommended. To get it one can select more from the chat menu and opt for ‘Add conversation shortcut’. This immediately creates a shortcut of the conversation you have opted for with the name of the contact.

This and many more tricks are used to optimize the use of the app which seems to have taken the messaging stream by the storm.

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