Why Your Child Custody Lawyer Should Understand The Importance Of Joint Physical Custody?

Why Your Child Custody Lawyer Should Understand The Importance Of Joint Physical Custody?

The new trends of globalization has changed the picture of American households and as per a research, around 23 million children are living in a single-parent household. If you are also one of the victims of divorce, chances are really higher that you must be looking for a reputable and trustworthy child custody lawyer in Boca, so you can keep your little support with you.

These professionals – known as child custody lawyers- are to guide you through this emotional devastating phase and also help you deal with the complexity of the child custody. It’s important for you to be clear on the basics. The term ‘child custody’ refer to a lot of things which include factors like where your child is going to live after the divorce (physical custody) or which parent is going to be held responsible for the child’s upbringing.

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There could be scenarios, where both of the parents will jointly share the responsibility (known as co-parenting) or else, only one of the parents will be solely responsible for the child’s upbringing. Physical Custody is specifically used when your kid is living with you after the divorce. This custody might be shared by both of the parents or could be given to only parent.

Why Your Child Custody Lawyer Should Understand The Importance Of Joint Physical Custody?

What is Joint Physical Custody?

The current judicial system generally prefer to give the joint physical custody, so the child could maintain contact with both of his/her parents and can be connected to both of them. In some of the states, it’s the mandate resolution and if you differ from this resolution or want a different resolution, you might need to prove in the court, that why the child shouldn’t spend time with the other parent/guardian.

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Usually, a joint physical custody requires the parents to share time with their children and although, it doesn’t need to be split on 50-50 basis, the parents should reach an agreement. Or else, the court can also impose a schedule on its own. This common schedule includes meeting the kids on alternate weeks, months or spending holidays at each parent’s house.

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As per research and studies, kids that are part of low-conflict divorces with joint custody agreements are found to fare better in lives when compared to the kids going through high-conflict divorces.

Hence, it becomes more important for you to find a child custody lawyer in Boca who understands the severity of the situation and take effective measures to ensure that your kids aren’t affected by high-traffic divorce drama in courtrooms and by the final result of the divorce agreement.

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