Legal Powder Ltd Review

Legal Powder Ltd Review

We were asked to check the reliability of web-site of Legal Powder LTD, which claims to be a major manufacturer of research chemicals from China. The company sales research chemicals online of its production. The reason for verification like that was presence of negative Legal Powder LTD reviews. The simply stated Legal Powder LTD was accused of being scammer and we had to figure out if it actually was one.

First of all, we verified the contacts, that are mentioned on the Legal Powder LTD web-site The address is licit. And we also were able to reach to the specified phone number. And of course we had a conversation with Legal Powder’s sales manager via e-mail.

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We looked for all possible Legal Powder reviews via the Internet and everything we found was multiply reviews of nearly the same content, which were posted on different forums practically in the same time. This looks like a sort of campaign intended to denigrate the reputation of Legal Powder LTD. This can be machinations of competitors as well as dissatisfaction of single client who could possibly have some problems with delivery.

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To clarify the statement above let’s dive into some details of how the delivery system works. First you need to provide your registered e-mail address where the unique mail id would be sent. Then you parcel has to be registered on the delivery system database. And only after that the tracking id of the package is generated and sent to your e-mail. There are heaps of packages shipped every day so the delivery systems are failing sometimes. And the registration of your parcel can be delayed for one or two days. Or it can be sent even without the tracking id. But that is not manufacturer’s responsibility anymore.

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Furthermore we also were able to find out sites that looked very alike web-site but had absolutely nothing to with Legal Powder LTD. So that entire disconnect could be caused by a simple mistake of a customer.

Please, be careful with monetary transactions via the Internet and visit our site to get more useful reviews!

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