How Do You Get The Most Out Of Trade Shows

You have the right tools to get the most out of your next trade show.

You’re a highly skilled business person with finely honed skills. Yes, you’ve mastered all of the requisite tricks of your trade, except one–the art of the trade show. Thankfully, yielding maximum results from a trade show is merely a matter of putting your business savvy, people skills, and sales know-how to work in a new… Continue reading How Do You Get The Most Out Of Trade Shows

Telephone Etiquette In The Online Age

Pictured here: Probably not the best way to practice phone etiquette.

The problem with today’s never-ending parade of technological innovations is that in most cases, the technology has outpaced the intangibles such as manners, etiquette, and social graces. If it’s not some innocent passersby getting poked with some fool’s selfie stick, it’s an inconsiderate jerk blathering on their smart phone while in the checkout line while… Continue reading Telephone Etiquette In The Online Age

Bulk SMS Marketing Campaigns – A Rising Trend

Bulk SMS marketing campaigns is a broad term which comprises of different essential components including advance marketing techniques, broad selection of products which means product to be offered to the consumers, sales plans (Product analysis, pricing strategies) , targeted chain of customers. This is the beneficial tool for the entrepreneurs which help them to survive… Continue reading Bulk SMS Marketing Campaigns – A Rising Trend

Legal Powder Ltd Review

We were asked to check the reliability of web-site of Legal Powder LTD, which claims to be a major manufacturer of research chemicals from China. The company sales research chemicals online of its production. The reason for verification like that was presence of negative Legal Powder LTD reviews. The simply stated Legal Powder LTD… Continue reading Legal Powder Ltd Review

Marketing Like Apple

Apple’s marketing success is the envy of business owners everywhere. No matter what they release, it sells. Consumers dutifully purchase whatever new products are released even when the competitors have released cheaper equivalents. Sure, their products are innovative but so are their competitors’. What gives Apple the edge is its marketing strategy, a strategy which… Continue reading Marketing Like Apple