LG G4 A Smarter Smartphone: About To Release


The people are curiously waiting to see the release of the LG G4 device, because the LG G3 impressed so many people after launching. It has more dominant features and specification, so LG G3 was got mass hit in the market. After achievement of LG G3, the developers are adding more improvements and changes for developing an astonishing design on LG G4 device. The developers include some alterations in LG G4 camera, battery and many more. The price amount of LG G4 is quite higher than the LG G3, because the design and improvements of LG G4 grant higher performance rather than the previous one. Surely LG G4 will attract large number of people over the world.

Release Date And Design:

The LG G3 was released on May month 2014 and the people expect that the future generation LG G4 will be launched in the upcoming year of 2015. The exact release date of LG G4 is not mentioned anywhere, the customer hopes this future generation can launch in 2015. The LG G3 was liberated on to the world with 599.9 USD price rate. Likewise, the fresh device LG G4 can launch with 600 USD maximum. This is not exact price rate and it is just an assumption to the customers. The LG G3 has attracted wide range of people over the Smartphone market due to their design and performance. The future generation of LG G4 will amaze the LG users, because the developers are trying to include many more changes and improvements when compared to previous one. The LG G3 arrives with wonderful design quality likewise the LG G4 can also be completed with awesome design and high quality. The developer thinks to deliver the best LG Smartphone to the people, so that reason they undergo lots of alterations in their device. Surely this LG G4 device will acquire very big place in every person heart.

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Specifications And Features:

The latest upcoming LG G4 will provide a first-class display screen with 5.7 inch display screen and it is just rumors spread by the customers. This great device can deliver high quality display, IPS and LCD display monitor. The new LG G4 Smartphone will receive big achievement during the time of launch because of its better display quality. The LG G3 was operated with 3534ppi screen feature but the LG G4 can have 4600ppi display screen. Usually LG device has good operating system with core processor, in this way the LG G4 will have 3 GHz core processor. It is noted that previous LG devices were functioned with good core processor and operating system and the same is expected in LG G4. The LG G4 will have high clarity and clear camera, the rear camera ranges from 15 to 17MP and front camera ranges from 3 to 4MP. Usually the previous LG device has very good RAM memory storage and the developer will add some changes in memory of the LG G4 Smartphone device. This excellent Smartphone will come up with 64GB and 3GB RAM storage when compared to LG G3. The battery of LG G4 can give better battery backup to the customers. Also, it is worth mentioning that next device to LG G4 is also rumored in news, here we are talking about LG G5 news.

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