Make The Most Of Your Hot Tub or Spa With Money Saving Accessories

So you’ve saved the money, purchased your spa or hot tub and are now enjoying all the benefits it has to offer. Maybe now you’re ready to take a look at how you can save money and reduce your running costs on a day to day basis. You may be thinking that’s going to be a difficult task, however  with a great range of accessories available, it’s easier than you’d expect!

Purchase A Cover

One of the most important things to think of is a cover for your hot tub or spa. There really is no point at all in paying out money to heat the water if all that heat is going to escape into the atmosphere; far better to keep a well insulated cover over it when not in use to conserve energy and heat. Try a made to measure spa cover that can be manufactured to fit your particular model for a good snug fit that will do the job efficiently. Or how about a Smartop Cover instead? Manufactured and designed in the USA, the Smartop Cover is built to be long lasting with impermeable interlocking polymer panels to protect the insulating foam, preventing mould from forming and odour. The surface is resistant to UV and built to survive all type of weather conditions without the need for any maintenance at all. It also comes with an integrated hydraulic lifter making it easy to use. One other useful feature is the lock system which comes with a combination padlock so you can prevent any unauthorised use; great for if you have children and don’t want them to access it unsupervised. It’s also available in a number of colour choices to suite your requirements.

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How About A Thermal Blanket?

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If you already have a cover that’s functioning perfectly well at the moment you may want to consider a Spa Thermal Blanket as an addition. Made to be lightweight and durable, it floats on the water to protect and extend the life of your cover whilst providing extra heat retention and comes complete with a three year warranty for peace of mind.

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