Make Your Elderly Loved Ones Feel Safe – Pendant Alarm System

Many elderly people and those who live alone feel that it is important to install an alarm system so that they can get the help of someone during emergencies. There are so many alarm systems available. Before deciding on the alarm system, check if the activating switch is easy to use. What is still more important is that the person who is responsible to help you in such situations must be available immediately.

Portable alarms: These alarms are handy for physically challenged people or senior citizens. These alarms alert onlookers as well as the authorities, once you trigger it when in trouble. These are available in two types available and they are:

  • Battery powered ones that require pulling a trigger to emit noise
  • Gas alarms consisting of a pressurized container with a cap that must be pressed to emit noise
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Portable alarms can be used as a pendant or watch. They are activated by pressing a button to alert the people nearby and the safety authorities. Find out if it is easy to operate and loud enough to be heard by people upstairs, in garage or garden. They are handy and quite cheap as well. These function on power generated by cylinders and batteries.

Once-only costs:

  • Socket and telephone line (in case you don’t own it already)
  • Plug in telephone socket (in case you don’t own it already)
  • Alarm system

On-going costs:

  • Telephone line rental
  • Telephone call costs
  • Control centre charges (if you are using their service)

Pendant alarms:

One such portable alarm is pendant alarms for the elderly. They are extremely useful for elderly people. They can use this to alert family members and friends during falls or other grave situations. Elderly people have poor balance due to weakened bones and find it difficult to carry out their daily tasks. Walking itself becomes a struggle and bathing becomes a nightmare for them.

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Pendant alarms ensure that your elderly loved ones receive immediate attention in case of an emergency. Pendant alarms can be worn in the shower, where risk of fall is plenty. Moreover, with mobile devices they need to track it or struggle with the keypad. Unfortunately in most of the cases even the landline telephone is hardly nearby.

If you think about the possible emergencies you will get a clear idea on why a pendant alarm is a necessary accessory. It can be a life saver during heart attacks, vision problems, light headedness, and strokes. You can store many contacts in it and a single touch of the button alerts your stored contacts.

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Working of pendant alarm:

  • You are provided with fully tested equipment and it is ready to use.
  • Basic instructions are given on how to connect it to ensure that your telephone is usable once your alarm is plugged in it.
  • Plug in to a nearby power socket and your phone line. Hence there are minimum cables used and in turn minimum fuss.

Before deciding on an alarm, check if it is user-friendly. It is important to get one that warns you if there is problem with your telephone line. It is always best to be safe than sorry and this is why you should consider getting a pendant alarm for your elderly loved ones.

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