Microsoft Officially Released Fitness Band That Tackles Health

Microsoft sets a new trend in the fitness world by his first entry into the wearable device standard fitness tracker, Microsoft has officially released its first wearable device, priced at $ 199, It is the best replacement smart watch on your wrist. This design has equipped with 1.4 inch touch screen with resolution of 320×106, Multiple batteries give the backup of 48hours when it is charged up to 1.5 hours, using a magnetically attached USB charger, Also it supports Bluetooth LE device running Windows Phone 8.1 Update, iOS 7.1, Microsoft executives said Microsoft Band is not just a movement when people useful device, but it can also penetrate into people’s daily lives. The design goal is to allow people to have a more healthy life, more creative. 24 hours wearing the exact value can be obtained, and stressed that this is not a smart watch, and has no intention instead of smart watches.

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Microsoft’s plan was simple and very ambitious to become the center of the development and promotion of the best hardware and software data of the fitness world, so that people live healthier. No matter what platform users or applications, devices, Microsoft hopes everywhere. Apple, Google and other similar products, Microsoft believes that their problems are independent of each other exchanges.

Microsoft is hoping to promote the next stage of development, which is to establish a way to collect and process huge fitness and health data. Microsoft Health Services is a cross-platform cloud services to store data for all phones, devices collected. iOS, Android and WP system, Also it Feed additional information into the cloud service, and it will tell you additional things., wearable device manufacturers, application developers can access. For example, Microsoft could make Microsoft Health to take over Android Wear watches, Android phone, iPhone 6 motion coprocessor.

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Microsoft executives also said, Microsoft Band uses the industry’s best sensors, but also, and had different products is that they can work together, for example, an accelerometer pedometer data and the phone’s GPS data, coupled with the heart rate monitor data, combine the calculated distance of each stride, so you can obtain a more precise amount of calories burned.

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Microsoft has taken the Google Nexus similar strategy, that Microsoft Band is a demonstration of the nature of the products, so partners to create a more intelligent wristband. Microsoft has developed a dozen sensor modules, and provides authorization, so that other vendors can self-innovation, manufacturing different smart wristband products, such as wristbands, headbands, foot ring, etc., Microsoft’s platform will welcome other products Biography back data, and provide feedback, thus promoting the development of wearable device industry.

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