Microsoft Still Has A Chance To Be Successful In The Field Of Wearable

Microsoft recently launched a smart wristband product, a service called Microsoft health which shows that Microsoft began to enter the wearable market, and competes directly with the likes of Google Fit and Apple Health. Then, as a late arrival, a step slower than rivals. Microsoft’s success in the field of wearable? Science and technology, media, magazine recently conducted an analysis, Microsoft is able to exercise in data analysis to provide users with personalized service, it is entirely possible in the field of wearable striking and successful.

Microsoft to work with Google and Apple in the increasingly competitive field of wearable contends with it? In the market research firm Forrester Research principal analyst JP Gownder opinion, the answer to this question is yes, as long as he thinks Microsoft is able to leverage their health platform and Microsoft Band wristbands, and the collected data were serious and in-depth analysis, then Microsoft is fully capable to accomplish something in the field of wearable.

“If Microsoft can succeed in this regard, then,” Gownder said, “they will be able to provide users with less data and more advice.” In fact, compared to other competitors, Microsoft in cloud computing and data combing aspects of the powerful strength has allowed to obtain a unique advantage.

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Obviously, Microsoft Health is a direct competitor Google Fit and Apple Health, and its function is basically the same with the latter two, will play the role of a major user of health data hub for Microsoft Band wristbands and Jawbone data UP, My Fitness Pal other fitness tracking devices and applications are available for integrated management and analysis.

But with Google Fit and Apple Health is different, Microsoft Band wristbands and Health Applications are to support iOS, Android and WP three major mobile platforms, JP Gownder believes that Microsoft is trying to build these two products through a cross-platform health management ecosystem, which is higher than the competitor’s vision is not only worthy of recognition, is also expected to help Microsoft succeed before little as wearable fields.

“The current functional fitness tracking device on the market in general is relatively simple,” Gownder  said, “and Microsoft started to analyze fitness data analysis, such as when the user does not complete the 10,000 step walking targets, will remind the user to continue to exercise go on. “

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The Microsoft Health band is mainly used for the user’s health data and activities comprehensive tracking, understanding and analysis. According to Microsoft’s description, Microsoft Health is an ability to integrate data from different devices together very secure cloud services, but also can track the user’s walking steps, calories burned, heart rate and UV index. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s “smart engine” also provide guidance recommends nutrition, work, exercise, and other aspects of the rest of the user based on these data, such as how long it takes to recover after the workout, and analysis of sleep quality and the like.

Gownder think Microsoft emphasis on data analysis and exercise recommendations and other aspects will also improve fitness tracking devices are gradually neglected or abandoned user problems. A recent survey showed that about a third of the fitness tracking device users in one year or less time to select the disabled. Gownder considered the main cause of this situation is that the data is difficult to obtain or are recommended to encourage their continued use of these devices.

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“Microsoft Band regarded as the most comprehensive products in similar products,” the Gownder said, it also has some other fitness wristbands do not have features such as GPS tracking and UV monitoring, these functions are likely to exhibit future great value, if Microsoft’s future to be able to integrate these data into productivity or health care system, it is not only able to provide users with the fitness aspect of the proposal, as well as carrying the disease may become assistant physician at diagnosis.

Of course, Microsoft to provide users with a variety of functions, we must also be careful not to disturb the user’s life over to. “You may not want your bracelet will be subject to a lot of junk mail,” Gownder said, “but also do not want to achieve fitness goals while exercising a super-strength.”

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